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The Current Situation

Storytellers will now be notified when typing @storytellers in a message.

the character database looks like we’ll be using cforms II for the front-end formbuilding, and formtools on the backend for saving/modifying. or we might just use Brad’s system, depending on whatever viagra easier.

I have yet to start groups up for each of the different divisions, but that’s something better handled by users and such.

unfortunately, some of the alignment is wonky with the buddypress features like group forums, group lists, etc.; this comes from the issues around using a different theme with buddypress. nothing major, but a little annoying. someone with more experience would be better able to do it.

still need to write some sort of how-to-use page, though it should be fairly evident.

Site Work

Alright, I’m having a hell of a time figuring out how best to do the character system, I just can’t seem to find the right way to go about doing it in a way that does what we need it to, and integrates well with the system.

Anyway, right now individual blogs should be working, and should be defaulting to a private blog. I’ll write up a page of instructions for how to make sure its set correctly so only the user and the ST team can read the posts, at least until it comes time to release it.

Content still needs to be going up, I’m just going to take stuff from the Wiki and transfer it over, as well as using the website.

I also need to find a better theme for use, something preferably with dropdown menus so we can have a useful hierarchy.