Tabletop Game Days

DCP runs occasional Tabletop Game Days. For an example of what sorts of games are run at these events, see below’s listing for the Winter 2016 event.


The descriptions of the games are below, so you know what’s happening! Also, in addition to these, our Secretary Vilte is bringing the necessary materials to play Fiasco!, a GM-less system that helps guide role-playing shenanigans! This will ensure no one is left out due to the limited space on the other games!

Afternoon Games

GM: Jeffrey Xu
Game: School of Hard Knocks and Fast Blades
System: Blades in the Dark; no experience necessary, character creation is fast but pregens will be provided as well
Description: Blades in the Dark is a game about scoundrels competing for coin and turf in the haunted industrial fantasy city of Duskwall. Surrounded by rampant crime and open war on the streets, even the most renowned institutions in the city find themselves drawn by illegal temptations. A band of researchers at the illustrious Duskwall University have decided they have need for their own puppet criminal crew, and they have assembled you and a select few others for a series of scores.
Players: 3-4


GM: Michael Melzer
Game: Afternoon Exalted
System: Exalted (Home-brew blend of 2nd and 3rd edition)
Description: Multi-polar spy-thriller, worthy of the Cold War.
Players: Up to 5

Evening Games

GM: Brian Bowyer
Game Name: Nightmare at Hill Manor
System: World of Darkness (core)
Description: You’re playing poker with a bunch of friends from your apartment when you hear a gunshot from upstairs. Then the lights go out. Then the stars go out.
Players: 3-4


GM: Meg Bullock
Game Name: Evening Exalted
System: Exalted (2nd Edition) (No Experience Required)
Description: You are the Solar Exalted, the great heroes of legend who have returned to Creation in her time of greatest need–but will you save Creation, or doom it?
Players: Up to 6

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