In-Character Lexicon

Amaranth: an ancient term for diablerie

Ancilla: a vampire of the 9th or 10th Generation, usually between 100 and 300 years past the Embrace

Antediluvian: a vampire of the 3rd Generation, a founder of one of the great vampire clans, supposedly Embraced before the Biblical flood

Arcanum, the: a rumored hunter organization that focuses on intelligence-gathering

Autarkis: being outside any sect or strong clan structure; also the noun for such vampires (singular and plural), generally hermits and outcasts

Beast, the: a primitive, instinctive and monstrous urge that feels near-sentient and delights in evil actions; innate to the vampiric condition

blood bond: the use of the addictive power of vampire blood to exert supernatural control over another

Book of Nod: a compilation of legends about the origins of vampires and the activities of ancient clan founders, used by the Sabbat as a basis for their sect’s religion

Caine: mythically, the first vampire; most vampires believe all clans and lineages descend from him, although there are notable exceptions (e.g., the Followers of Set)

Cainite Heresy: a gnostic belief that vampires were purposefully created by God to command mortals, ruling over the kine as judges, protectors, and kings

childe: a vampire created by the Embrace; a sire creates a childe

coterie: a group of allied vampires; vampires often keep membership in a coterie a secret, to better hide their alliances

diablerie: the act of consuming another vampire’s soul in order to gain a portion of that vampire’s power; diablerie is extremely addictive and unpredictable

domitor: a vampire who creates and maintains control over a ghoul

Elder: a vampire of the 8th Generation (usually between 200 and 500 years past the Embrace), 7th Generation (350 to 600 years), or 6th Generation (more than 500 years)

Elysium: a revered location, usually with great historical or artistic worth, formally designated as a place where vampires can gather in peace

Embrace, the: the deliberate act of creating a new vampire

End Times, the: the subject of a vampire legend predicting the return of the Antediluvians and the end of the world, also known as the Final Nights

Final Nights, the: see End Times

Final Death: the moment when a vampire is permanently destroyed

fledgling: a newly-created vampire, a very young vampire

frenzy: a vampire’s loss of control over the Beast, resulting in a brief period of instinctual animalistic behavior

ghoul: a mortal who has drunk vampire blood, gaining a small portion of supernatural power

Gehenna: the end of the world, according to a vampire legend predicting the return of the Antediluvians; supposedly averted in 2009, leaving certain oracles, particularly among the Malkavians, seeing dual visions of an alternate timeline in which it occurred

Golconda: a legendary state of enlightenment, subject of great mystery and secret lore

haven: the secure place a vampire has established where she can sleep safely during the day

Humanity: the most common form of vampiric Morality, Humanity measures a vampire’s empathy and helps retain control over the Beast

hunter: a generic term for anyone who makes a habit of trying to kill vampires

Inquisition, the (hunters): the oldest hunter organization, run by the Catholic Church

Kindred: a term used to refer to vampires, most commonly used by the Camarilla; the term references the shared ties of blood from sire to childe, and between the clans

kine: a term used by vampires to describe humans; also refers to cattle

Kiss, the: the act of biting another creature in order to drink blood, an act which usually causes feelings of ecstasy and pleasure in the victim

libertas: a term used by the Anarchs, meaning enlightened independence

lick: a vulgar term for a vampire; more prevalent in use among the Sabbat

Methuselah: a vampire of the 4th or 5th Generation, usually Embraced anywhere between a thousand years ago (5th Generation) and the dawn of recorded history (some 4th Generation)

Neonate: a vampire of the 11th, 12th or 13th Generation, usually between 1 and 200 years past the Embrace

Path of Enlightenment: a type of vampire Morality other than Humanity, often espousing monstrous values

progeny: another term for a vampire’s childe

Project Twilight: U.S. government black ops hunter organization

reclaiming the blood: a euphemism for diablerie (e.g., “the clan reclaimed his blood”)

Red Star, the: a mysterious red star visible only to the supernatural that appeared in the sky in 1999 following the Week of Nightmares and vanished suddenly in 2009; supposedly a sign of the End Times

regnant: a vampire who has enslaved another vampire with a blood bond

sect: a large group of vampires espousing a common set of cultural and political values

sire: a vampire who has created another vampire via the Embrace

symbel: a nonviolent contest, pitting vampires’ reputations against their ability to win a duel, succeed at a task, or overcome a challenge

thrall: an individual controlled via the blood bond

Vaulderie: a ritual practiced by the Sabbat to shatter the power of the blood bond and to cement pack loyalty

vitae: a vampiric term for blood, often used to distinguish a vampire’s blood from a mortal’s

wassail: a permanent state of violent frenzy; the result of a vampire’s final, utter loss of control to the Beast

Week of Nightmares, the: a week of frenzied madness among the Ravnos clan in July 1999; allegedly caused by the awakening of the clan Founder in Bangladesh and ending with his death at the hands of Hunters

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