Dramatis Personæ


Player: Mike Melzer
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Autarkis
Title: Keeper of Elysium
Status: Enforcer
Domain: The Elysium of Katabasis

Aeacus was likely the first vampire to welcome you to Savannah. This Nosferatu iconoclast runs the local Elysium – the Katabasis club – and as the city’s barkeep, he is more than willing to serve you a drink, or serve as your confessor, whichever you prefer. To Aeacus, the Rules of Elysium are sacrosanct, but everything else is negotiable or subject to ridicule. In his establishment, he guarantees your safety and privacy. Outside its tunnels, he guarantees that you’re on your own.

Quote: “Check your wea’ons at the door and pay a coin to the Boatman, and I’ll get you a drink. Misbehave, and I’ll toss y’ sorry arse all the way to Tar’arus.”


Player: Caressa
Bloodline: Daughters of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla

Arrigo Giovanni

Player: Emmet Hilly
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Title: Underboss
Status: Commander, Enforcer
Domain: Enforcing the Prince’s Commandments

“Cass” Rosa

Player: Katie Barnhart
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla


Player: Connor Nash
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Malkavian Shenanigans

Cetus has been in the city as long as any. With no strong ties to any particular group, he spends his time offering usually fairly cryptic advice from his oracular visions, or assistance in investigations and the like. He’s as strange as any Malkavian, but not aggressively so.

Quote: “Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. No telling what could happen.”

Charles Aubert I

Player: Mike Downey
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Title: Setite Emissary
Status: Established
Domain: Ghosts of Substance Abuse Victims

Charles is an Elder and Emissary for the Independent Alliance, making him the de facto leader of the Followers of Set in Savannah. He is the power behind Body N Spirit, a Savannah-based chain of fitness clubs with a proprietary health supplement / energy drink called Vitality. With seemingly limitless access to blood, boons, and information, Charles has cultivated a reputation as someone who either has what you need or knows who can get it for you. Charles is also known to maintain a close working relationship with some of the Giovanni elders.

Irena Waverly Giovanni

Player: Jamie Leibowitz
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Ghosts of Children

The first thing everyone notices about Irena is that she looks like a child, or more accurately probably a tween. Don’t let her childlike demeanor fool you; according to every Giovanni you ask, she’s been around for some time. She has a vested interest in dead bodies and wraiths, and while no one has any hard evidence, you get the feeling she’s not afraid to create new ones if there happens to be a shortage. She tends to keep a low profile out in public, for obvious Masquerade-preserving reasons, but when she is seen, usually she is muttering to herself or fidgeting. She finds it very hard to sit completely still.

Quote: “This one’s going to need skin if we want him to be of any use to us. Unfortunately.”

Jane Beden

Player: Wizera
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Autarkis / “Whoever’s in charge”
Domain: Noddist Lore

Jane Beden was sent to Savannah back in 2008, apparently on loan from some muckity mucks out in Atlanta who thought the Giovanni could use a hand interpreting the signs and portents of Gehenna. Her ties to Atlanta are strange to say the least, and she’s often seen shilling for the Atlanta Medieval Times Restaurant. For all her eccentricities, she’s known to be very knowledgeable about Noddist lore. She’s also incredibly friendly, eager to socialize or tell jokes. She’s occasionally been known to lead sing-alongs in Elysium.

Quote: “All right all, sing along if you know the words: ‘An’ it’s moose, moose, I like a moose. I’ve never ‘ad anyfing quite like a moose. I’ve ‘ad many lovers, me life ‘as been loose, but I’ve never ‘ad anyfing quite like a moose.'”

Jeremiah “Miah” Rosa

Player: Brian Bowyer
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch

Miah (MY-ah, not ME-ah) is a bit of a fixture in Savannah. He’s been around this city since before the hunter attack in 2005 (although, of course, briefly not for a bit in the middle there, else he’d be dead). He writes for and publishes a newspaper called The Truth, which is an ironic name if you’ve ever seen one.

Miah Rosa is the twin brother of Cass Rosa.

Quote: “Are aliens preparing to attack the Church of Scientology? Read all about it in The Truth!”

Joachim Himmelfarb

Player: Catherine
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Camarilla

Liriel Dianara

Player: Liza Salvi
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Title: Harpy
Status: Prominent
Domain: Journalists

Ludovico Doberdrago Giovanni

Player: Trevor Williams
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Title: Consigliere / Giovanni Emissary
Status: Established, Enforcer

Ludovico is Old World, and is odd even for that crew. He seems slow, but maybe he’s just methodical. Like many Giovanni, he’s not one to take a slight, but what slights him isn’t always what you might expect. He’s an experienced necromancer with a supposedly voluminous library, but exactly where is anybody’s guess. He has some kind of business with the Bonaventure Cemetery.

Quote: [incoherent mumbling while eyes are closed] “I have learned what you mean by ‘text’ from my friend next to you and no, I will not do that to you later. It sounds very foolish.”

Marbas Sivanus

Player: Grigory
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla

Nader Yasser

Player: Alex Moisa
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance

Nader is a new arrival to the city of Savannah, after arriving from Egypt a few months ago. A dedicated member of his clan and a proud warrior, Nader has recently established a growing following known only as Setianity. To help spread his following across the world, Nader is always willing to offer his help, for the right price.

Quote: “In the name of Set, his Son, and the Holy Spirit, Akmen.”

Tamsin Moore

Player: Natalie Bowling
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Savannah National Wildlife Reserve (shared)

Tamsin is a Gangrel’s Gangrel: rough around the edges, introverted, and generally grumpy. She came to the city in 2006 and stuck around long enough to be awarded Domain over the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, where she spends the majority of her time. (Animals are much easier to get along with than people, you see.) In terms of friends and associates, she shuns the elaborate manipulations of the powerful and prefers to spend time with those of a more straightforward nature.

She shares her Domain with Becca, a fellow Gangrel.

Quote: “Once you realize the slick bastards are always going to be the ones in power, then it doesn’t much matter who they are. You just look after you and yours first. Everything else comes second.”

Zebadiah “Zeb” Vergillek

Player: Michael Rothman
Clan: Ventrue
Domains: Suicide Victims, The Silence of the Blood

Zebadiah (Zeb) arrived in Savannah several years ago and is known to occasionally participate in the gambling at Katabasis. No one is sure exactly how, but shortly after arriving he must have annoyed the Prince since he was given the domain of preserving “The Silence of the Blood” (Masquerade) at the Prince’s insistence. Zeb is constantly seen with Luke Jones, a tough looking taciturn Ventrue.

Quote: “I’m a man of my word… When I feel like it.”

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