In a highly-traditional Camarilla city, Domain refers to the idea of a single vampire holding exclusive feeding rights in a physical space, such as the right to feed on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. In Necropolis Savannah, things are rather less concrete.

With very few exceptions, the Prince does not grant explicit feeding territories or control of physical spaces to the vampire in her city. Instead, Domain is a way of expressing that which the vampire has power over and can control access to. Domain can be given as a reward for service, to indicate a responsibility to the city and its inhabitants, or as punishment. With the honor, power, and profit of Domain comes the responsibility of maintaining it, the Masquerade, and the Prince’s Commandments within its jurisdiction.

Some examples of potential Domains in the Necropolis Savannah are included below. We invite players to pitch the first two as written, and both they and the other examples are intended to give players ideas for creating and pitching their own Domains as well.

The Domain of the Masquerade: The vampire who holds this Domain is responsible for the enforcement of the Masquerade, the investigation of breaches, and providing assistance to those who need help keeping it (in exchange for appropriate recompense, of course.) The holder of this Domain is equivalent to the Camarilla position of Sheriff.

The Domain of the Elysium at [bork]: The vampire who holds this Domain is responsible for the security of the Elysium located within it and the safety of the vampire who meet there. This is an explicit example of a case when the control of a Domain includes control of physical territory, as the vampire is responsible for securing the physical location and its nearby environs. The holder of this Domain is equivalent to the Camarilla position of Keeper of Elysium.

The Domain of the Ghosts of the War Between the States: The vampire who holds this Domain is responsible for keeping track of those ghosts who still remain from the War of Northern Aggression, documenting if any of them have moved on, and noticing any newcomers (which at this point should be rare). Should harm come to one of those ghosts from another vampire, the holder of this Domain would be responsible for investigating and presenting the case to the Prince or her designated magistrate; should that vampire not possess appropriate Disciplines or skills, they would be expected to employ a vampire who does.

The Domain of Ghost Tourism: The vampire who holds this domain has several responsibilities, including maintaining the Masquerade with specific regard to the ghost tourism industry in Savannah, convincing ghosts to participate in such tourism in order to keep the dollars flowing, and notifying the Prince or her designate of any irregularities (like unauthorized necromancers) that intersect with this Domain.

The Domain of Illicit Substances Sold In Historic Downtown: The vampire who holds this Domain is expected to be aware of all the major and minor dealers within Historic Downtown, the quality of their product, and their average earnings in a given period, and is expected to acquire an appropriate portion of those earnings as tithe. Should a dealer sell tainted product, the vampire would be responsible for cleaning up the resulting mess. The Prince of Savannah does not pretend to eliminate or regulate vice, but tainted substances might impact tourism, and thus the Giovanni’s profits.

The Domain of Malkavian Shenanigans: The vampire who holds this Domain is expected to be aware of the individual mental peculiarities of each Malkavian in town and making sure that neither those derangements nor the clan’s penchant for pranks cause a problem or even become a nuisance. That not all of the Malkavians in the city are necessarily of the same sect is the Domain holder’s problem, not the Prince’s.

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