For most vampires, their clan is both their family and an important political affiliation. Clan is the most politically important in the Camarilla and the Independent Alliance, but it has relevance everywhere; you might have a coterie that helps you out on a night-to-night basis, but when your life is full of uncertainty and both political and physical violence, your clan is who (hopefully) has your back when you’ve run out of friends. Of course, all of the clans have their splinter factions, outcasts, and dissidents.

Every clan had a founder (“Antediluvian”) at some point. The Camarilla considered this heresy for a long time, but it has since come to accept the existence of the founders . . . up to a point. The Sabbat, on the other hand, want to kill all the Antediluvians, and during the Anarch Revolt its future members managed that feat not once but twice.

In modern nights, clans are loosely grouped into “greater clans” (those with substantial world populations) and “lesser clans” (the small to near-extinct). There are also the Caitiff— known in the Sabbat as “Panders”—who lack any clan. Savannah is an unusual place, though, so it doesn’t perfectly reflect these worldwide averages.

Each clan, with few exceptions, is subdivided into bloodlines, one of which is the “main” line by dint of being the most common globally. There are also a couple of bloodlines that lack a normal parent clan. All bloodlines breed true unless otherwise noted.

Some of these clans have secrets or lore that is not universally known IC but which you need to know OOC in the process of choosing a clan for your character. We have noted that information here. We are trusting you to be adults and not metagame with such information. If you wish to justify knowing it in character, a suitable backstory or the Lore skill may be able to help. If you would rather pick a clan without reading the secrets, talk to the STs and we will try to help.

The clans are presented in tiers based on how common they theoretically are in Savannah. Each clan will have a default bloodline, with other bloodlines being rarer. Some clans and bloodlines will be especially restricted or even banned from this setting. The mechanics of each clan will not be addressed in this document; for a fuller description of the clans available for play, please see the rules.

Common Clans of Savannah


Main bloodline (default): Passionate and rebellious warriors. They have a grudge against the Ventrue for the destruction of Carthage and the alleged death of their ancestor, Troile, in its defense.

True Brujah: Stoic scholars who claim Troile diablerized the clan’s Antediluvian, perverting the nature of his descendents (the main bloodline). They focus on the pursuit of knowledge through study, as the Brujah did originally.

Followers of Set (“Setites”): A diverse group of charming snakes, dedicated to the worship of Set, whom they claim was the first vampire and of whom they are the only true descendents. Whatever you desire, they’d like to sell it to you . . . for a price.

Main bloodline (default): As above.

Tlacique: Allegedly the descendents of an Aztec aspect of Set called “Tezcatlipoca,” god of night and black magic. They were in the Aztec Empire when Europeans arrived, and they have a grudge against all European vampires.

Vipers: “Warrior Setites” who act as defenders of the temples and the clan and as holy warriors for Set. They are generally unafraid to die. Religiously, they are passionate ideologues and have been known to convert by the sword.

Gangrel: Loners and travelers who usually feel more at home talking with—and taking the shapes of—animals rather than humans or vampires. They respect each other’s victories and noteworthy deeds but otherwise have no real structure.

Main bloodline (default): As above.

Coyote: “City Gangrel” who are more comfortable in urban environments than the rest of their clan.

Ahrimanes: An all-female bloodline unique to the American South. They are shamanistic, secretive, and violent. Ahrimane PCs must be non-male.

Noiad (banned): Mystics who see visions in the Northern Lights. They only live in Scandinavia (mostly Finland) near the Arctic Circle, not Savannah.

Giovanni: Rich, incestuous, necromantic mafia. One very large family (literally). If you use their services now, then someday they will call upon you to do a service for them.

Premascine: Not a bloodline but rather an occasional throwback, allowing the learning of Mortis Path Necromancy (otherwise Cappadocian-only) without a teacher. Other Giovanni are extremely suspicious of this.

Nosferatu: Physically twisted, walking Masquerade violations who live in brood warrens underground. They share a mutual animosity with the pretty boys and girls of the Toreador and generally spite the world. Allegedly, their clan founder has blood-bound a group of powerful Nosferatu dedicated to exterminating the rest of the clan: the Niktuku. The paranoid information-brokers of the Nosferatu keep in touch across city and sect lines using technology, including a network of private servers known ShreckNET.

The Nosferatu are unified in their infinite variability and thus have no bloodlines.

Toreador: Lovers of beauty at the cutting edge of art, culture, and society. They love hierarchies that place them at the top, but they discard interests and people as soon as they become passé. They would like to exterminate the Nosferatu “for the Masquerade.”

Ishtarri (default): Allegedly descended from a cult who worshipped their Antediluvian as the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, they have just rejoined the clan. Their religion is dedicated to form and movement and venerates love and war.

Main bloodline: As above.

Volgirre: Definitely not recent defectors from the Sabbat to the Camarilla, and they have called in boons owed by major Camarilla figures to obtain the false documents and witnesses to prove it.

Ventrue: The clan of kings and queens. In modern nights, this also includes CEOs of corporate empires. Internally run via strict feudalism where pedigree is paramount.

Crusaders (default): Rebellious, violent, sadistic, cruel, and vicious, these Ventrue model not regents and heirs apparent but last-born sons forced into the military to earn their honor and spoils rather than inheriting it.

Main bloodline: As above.

Uncommon Clans of Savannah

Assamite: Assassins for hire. Traditionally, the clan worships their Antediluvian, Haqim, who allegedly commanded them to judge the other clans and reclaim the blood of the unworthy, and they strive to become closer to him by diablerizing those of lower generation. Most of the clan eventually converted to Islam, but the new Eldest of the Mountain has reinstituted the old ways and seeks to purge the others. Their main body can be found in the mountain fortress of Alamut. They have a grudge against the Tremere for the anti-diablerie curse the Tremere once levied upon their entire clan.

Viziers (default): The clan archivists, dedicated to discovering and recording knowledge. Mostly Muslim, they have fled the Mountain and joined the Camarilla.

Sorcerers: What it says on the tin. Mostly confined to the Mountain and unable to defy the Eldest, they plot vengeance on the Tremere and Viziers.

Warriors (main bloodline): Fast, silent, and invisible killers.

Caitiff: The un-clan. When a vampire is Embraced many generations removed from their clan’s progenitor, sometimes the result is a clanless misfit. Often regarded as failures, a disease, ill omens, signs of the End Times, or just convenient scapegoats, they are ignored, used, driven out, killed, or all of the above.

By their nature, the Caitiff are incapable of having bloodlines.

Malkavian: Insane and capable of making you the same. Idiosyncratic and utterly lacking in clan structure, but sometimes their cryptic insights hide uncomfortable truths.

Ananke (default): Allegedly descended from haruspices in ancient temples, they search for the secrets of the universe in the entrails of the recently dead, both animal and human. And the easiest way to find the recently dead is to kill them.

Knights of the Moon: Not a bloodline but rather holdovers from or unpredictable echoes of the era from the late 1340s to the late 1990s when the clan’s signature discipline was replaced with Dominate.

Main bloodline: As above.

Tzimisce: Old World autocrats. One of two clans to successfully kill and allegedly diablerize their Antediluvian during the Anarch Revolt.

Main bloodline (default): Capable of sculpting flesh like clay, they frequently pursue personal metamorphosis.

Koldun: Capable of wielding magic, they think that the Tremere are recent upstarts who are poaching on their rightful domain of Thaumaturgy.

Carpathians (banned): Lethally territorial traditionalists holed up in Eastern Europe, not in Savannah. They seek personal transformation through Protean.

Rare Clans of Savannah

Cappadocians: A lesser clan. Created the Giovanni and were virtually extinguished by them, with Augustus Giovanni himself diablerizing their Antediluvian, Cappadocius. The few survivors hide their lineage, whether as the Sabbat’s “Harbingers of Skulls” or by simply denying their bloodline’s connection to the clan as the mercenary Samedi do, or by some other method. They have a raging hatred of the Giovanni, for obvious reasons.

Main bloodline (co-default): The “Harbingers of Skulls” are secretly those Cappadocian necromancers and scholars of death who were trapped by their Antediluvian in the 14th century and only recently escaped, as well as their recent childer. They have a raging hatred of the Giovanni, for obvious reasons.

Samedi (co-default): Strictly independent mercenaries who uphold the absolute law and word of any bargain they make, regardless of the cost. They claim to be descended from the voudon loa Baron Samedi, hiding their true clan.

Lamia (restricted): The guardians of the Cappadocians and their sacred libraries until the clan’s destruction, they now study disease and ways of getting revenge on the Giovanni. They tend to Embrace only female childer.

Daughters of Cacophony: A rare bloodline of uncertain origin. Entrancing singers whose very voices are deadly weapons. Their origin is a mystery, but they refuse to be treated as lesser than the “proper” clans. Male “Sons of Discord” are very rare and almost always blood-bound to their female sires.

As a bloodline itself, the Daughters of Cacophony have no subsidiary bloodlines.

Lasombra: Reflectionless shadow lords with a superiority complex. One of two clans to successfully kill and allegedly diablerize their Antediluvian during the Anarch Revolt.

Main bloodline (default): Life as a Lasombra is marked by aristocratic trappings and a strict structure of internal control over its members regardless of sect.

Kiasyd (restricted): Allegedly the result of a late-11th-century experiment involving the blood of the fae, but there’s no proof that the fae even exist. Isolationist, perhaps because they’re treated with suspicion and animosity.

Tremere: Originally a group of mortal sorcerers. Their seizure of immortality in 1022 and rise to power may have something to do with the disappearance of a Tzimisce Elder and large numbers of his clan and the Salubri, although that’s not the official story.

Main bloodline (default): Hermetic sorcerer-politicians who have committed atrocities in the pursuit of power and respect. They live and work together in heavily-warded chantries as part of a rigid hierarchy called “the Pyramid” that rewards hard work, dedication, and careful, deniable backstabbing. Widely mistrusted, they maintain power by building networks of allies.

Telyav: Animistic Lithuanian warlocks named after Telyavel, the Lithuanian protector of the dead. They declined to support the main bloodline in its atrocities and were abandoned in turn; they now pretend to be extinct to avoid the Pyramid destroying them for knowing the truth about the clan’s atrocities.

Restricted Clans

Gargoyles: A rare bloodline. What it says on the tin. Originally created as a slave race of guardians and shock troops by the Tremere out of kidnapped Tzimisce, Nosferatu, and Gangrel, in modern nights they have a burning desire for vengeance upon the former and often befriend the latter. The Camarilla required the Tremere to free them as part of the price of joining. Created Gargoyles can Embrace; the bloodline breed true.

As a bloodline itself, the Gargoyles have no subsidiary bloodlines.

Ravnos: A lesser clan. Tricksters, survivors, and seekers of truth. Their numbers greatly diminished by the apocalyptic event known as the Week of Nightmares, the clan is slowly repopulating. The slaughter has erased the prior divides of bloodline.

The Brahman bloodline was a terrible idea by White Wolf. It is not canon for us.

Banned Clans

The following are banned from our game. However, they do exist in the wider world even if they will not be appearing in the chron, so their information is being included here.

Baali: A lesser clan. Power-hungry corrupters attempting to bring about the End Times. They live in the unholy city of Chorazin. EVERYONE hates them. Possibly imaginary.

Main bloodline: As above. You’ve never seen concrete proof of them.

Angellis Ater: Allegedly a bloodline of the Lasombra that somehow switched clans, as if that were possible. You’ve still never seen concrete proof of them.

Salubri: A lesser clan. Maligned by the Tremere and their Camarilla allies as diablerists and worse. The Tremere diablerized many of them via black magic and made war on the survivors, destroying their Antediluvian, Saulot. They were long thought extinct.

Healers: The original form of the clan, they seek Golconda and have only recently increased their numbers beyond seven.

Furies (main bloodline): Holy warriors who seek vengeance against the Tremere and the Camarilla by any means necessary.

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