City, Sect, Clan, and Pack Positions Open to PCs

Positions will be determined in two main waves. Generally speaking, positions that would have been appointed by an NPC should be requested by players and approved by the STs as part of the pitch process. Once pitches have been approved, everyone approved for certain sects or clans will be asked to speak to each other and determine which locally-organized positions they wish to use and who will occupy them.

Sabbat packs: All Sabbat are members of a pack. After pitches, the Sabbat players will organize into one or two packs and pick who is filling the pack positions.

Anarchs positions: The Anarchs have a million and one ways of organizing, but several positions are common even if their titles and accession methods vary. In accordance with the Anarch tradition of self-governance, after pitches the Anarch players will determine which positions exist, what they’re called, and who’s filling them.

Underboss/Seneschal: The Giovanni’s Underboss is also the city’s Seneschal. They are the #2 member in both organizations and take care of night-to-night matters. Within the Giovanni, they supervise the other kindred and ghoul members of the family with the exception of the Consigliere. We consider it mandatory that we find a PC for this position. They must be a Giovanni vampire.

Consigliere: The Giovanni’s #3 is the Consigliere, who reports directly to the Prince. They act as an advisor, devil’s advocate, emissary, mediator, and occasional representative of the lower ranks. They will also serve as the Giovanni Emissary to the Setites (c.f. Setite Emissary, below). We would strongly prefer to have a PC for this position. They must be a Giovanni family member, but with a good excuse for non-Embrace they might be a ghoul rather than a vampire. If we do not get a PC, the Emissary portion of the role will be consolidated with the Underboss.

Domain holders: Most jobs that would be titled positions in other sects are simply types of Domain in Savannah. For example, enforcing the Prince’s laws is available as Domain over “enforcing the Prince’s Commandments.” Also, the Prince occasionally “awards” responsibility for a troublesome Domain to an unwilling vampire. Players are encouraged to invent and submit requests for such government-type Domains with their soft pitch. All forms of Domain will also be awarded via the wish-list process.

Setite Emissary: Per the terms of the Independent Alliance, the Setites must appoint an Emissary to the Giovanni. This Emissary has the right to bear witness to significant business deals of the Giovanni, offer advice and counsel to the Giovanni, solve disputes with the Giovanni, and give testimony back to the Setites. Also, the Emissary has to sign off on the execution of a Setite. We would strongly prefer to have a PC for this.

Setite Priest &c.: The Setites have a hierarchy of major-city temples and local cults as well as hierarchies within those temples and cults. There is a full temple in Savannah. After soft-pitches, the Setite players will determine the local hierarchy. An NPC can be chosen as priest. This position can also be consolidated with the Setite Emissary.

Myrmidon: The Camarilla military is made up of Myrmidons. They have a broad authority to issue orders, especially in territory where Praxis is not held by a member of the Camarilla, although abuse of this authority is highly inadvisable. We will probably approve no more than one soft pitch for Myrmidon; the city itself is not a war zone. This is the only officially-appointed Camarilla position that we are likely to approve, although the locals may have unofficially duplicated others out of a need for a feudal hierarchy.

Black Hand (Agent): The special operations agents of the Sabbat are distributed such that no pack has more than one. They have a broad right to request aid from all Sabbat, although abuse of this authority is likely to backfire. We will approve no more than one soft pitch for a member of the Black Hand, and they will not be ranked above Agent; the city is a good location for black ops and espionage, but there are very few Black Hand.

Priest: A Sabbat pack Priest is responsible for performing rites and giving spiritual advice. Exactly how they share leadership with the Ductus is up to the pack.

Ductus: A Sabbat pack Ductus is responsible for day-to-day operations and combat readiness/leadership. How they share leadership with the Priest is up to the pack.

Abbot: “Founded” (non-nomadic) Sabbat packs have an Abbot who maintains their communal haven. This is not a leadership position and has no associated Status.

Baron/President/Prime Minister/Advocate: The Anarch equivalent of “Prince”; if there’s a local Baron they would be in charge of accepting and exiling members, calling for or denying votes, and issuing the Call to Arms.

Constable: In addition to Anarch law enforcement, they are in charge of maintaining a militia and armory and (during a Call to Arms) both strategy and combat leadership.

Architect/Civil Engineer: A position unique to the Anarchs, responsible for security systems, surveillance, tech updates, and watching for intruders. They maintain and allocate safe houses and feeding grounds and can cancel any major gatherings/parties.

Ambassador/Herald/Emissary: In charge of making sure the other sects leave the Anarchs alone, trading boons, and making sure that no Anarch gets so deep in debt to an outsider that they become a pawn. They also tend to know a lot about vampire society and act as an educational resource.

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