Welcome to Lone Oak Valley

For most of the 20th century, Lone Oak Valley was just a small town in New Hampshire of approximately 8,000 people, built alongside the Redbelly River. It wasn’t huge, but it had enough people for a small population of vampires to call it home. The town’s name comes from a massive, centuries-old oak tree, which grows next to the building that served as the original town hall. Redbelly River has been an important trade route for a long time, but also provides many recreational benefits to the community: children play, adults fish, all residents enjoy the natural beauty, and you can still catch a scenic ferry ride over the river to bask in the sound of the running water.

On June 17th, 1967, the masquerade drop changed how the town functioned significantly. The town’s previous tourist attraction, the ancient oak tree, was set aside to make way for the town’s new reputation as the site of the first public masquerade drop. News reports spread the word quickly, and soon thousands of people were taking trips to the town where they could meet an actual vampire. The town’s population grew exponentially, and it is now approximately the size of St. Louis. People moved in to meet vampires, to learn more about them, to be on the front lines of politicking against them, or even because they were attracted to the danger they believed vampires represented; the advent of the supernatural brought attention of all kinds.

In addition to the influx of mortals, vampires were soon stopping by to see how the town progressed. They wanted to see what needed to be changed, what could stay the same, and how the public reacted. Some never admitted they were vampires; they slipped in, looked around, and left to gossip back in their hometowns. However, some did choose to stay, whether to support the cause of the masquerade drop, to subtly work against it, or to use the changes for their own purposes. Some vampires with control over big businesses even brought their employees with them to support the town’s expansion.

Currently, the town has developed a new sort of character, unique to its identity as the place where the masquerade was first dropped. Not only do most stores carry kitschy vampire keepsakes, businesses are often open later for the more nocturnal residents. The town’s hospital has seen significant expansions to accommodate the growing population and their strange needs.

Perhaps the most interesting quality is the regions the town developed. The residential area became separated from the business sector, leading Lone Oak Valley to have a thriving downtown. The residential area further breaks down into a sort of gradient, spanning from blocks heavily populated by vampires, to those with a mix of vampires and mortals, all the way down to the blocks for those who aren’t quite comfortable living next door to a vampire.

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