Political Organizations

In addition to the usual covenants, there will be a few broader organizations that embody the main political attitudes towards vampires. Players can support, oppose, ally with, join, or lead these organizations! Official membership and recognition can be represented with the Status merit. Status can represent being a member, group leader, founder, or another official position for these groups!


National Organization for Vampiric Advancement

Elevator Pitch: An organization fighting for equal rights for vampires, and helping vampires to just be people.

Fluff: Are you a Sanguinist who wishes your marriage to a non-Sanguinist were recognized federally? Has your boss fired you because you can’t take the day shifts? Do you wish people were more understanding of your (entirely rational) fear of fire? The National Organization for Vampiric Advancement is fighting for you! Though a handful of individuals held NOVA’s opinions prior to the Masquerade dropping, the introduction of Sanguinists (commonly called ‘vampires’) to public mortal knowledge brought a huge boom to the perspective and led to the creation of NOVA as a political organization.

NOVA members believe that Sanguinists are just people who have certain medical needs and sensitivities, and are no better or worse than any other group of people. They work as a non-profit advocacy group, much like the NAACP or the HRC. NOVA provides a wide variety of services to the Sanguinary public, such as group counseling, legal defense, and temporary housing. They share the opinion that Sanguinists should be given equal protection under the law, as granted by the 14th Amendment. They also advocate for thoughtful terminology; words like kindred, vampire, kine, and mortal are not appropriate.


Human Freedom Front

Elevator Pitch: An organization fighting for stronger restrictions on vampires and supernatural powers in order to protect humans from vampire excess.

Fluff: Of the three organizations presented here, the Human Freedom Front has by far the most varied membership. Its supporters include human rights activists, religious institutions, reformed hunter organizations, and even a number of vampires, who all have banded together under the common banner of protecting humans from supernatural abuses.

The Human Freedom Front pre-dated the Masquerade drop as a hunter organization called the Children of the Sun, and went public, recruiting from those among the population who wanted to do something about their fears of the supernatural. However, once the world got over the initial shock, and governments started tackling the question of vampire rights, violence against vampires became less acceptable, and, in fact, some vampires seemed pretty reasonable. By this point, a number of other groups started to develop similar, but disparate, movements and public opinion began to sway towards the use of nonviolent approaches to protecting humans. The Children of the Sun, after some internal discussion, opted to reform their stance on vampires, and developed a more political approach. They and the other movements quickly rallied together to form the Human Freedom Front of today.

The only battles they fight now are in the political lobbying arena, arguing for stronger restrictions on vampires. Their membership includes vampires too now, particularly those who already supported protecting humanity even before the drop of the Masquerade, and those vampires who regret what they are. They tend to keep away from using their overtly supernatural abilities around non-vampires, and support practices and regulations to ensure that vampires use their powers responsibly. Although many groups and people make up the HFF and approach its goals from various perspectives, they all support the notion that vampires should be held accountable for their actions and be legally restricted in their capacity to cause supernatural harm.


Kindred Sovereignty Estate

Elevator Pitch: An organization fighting for vampiric self-government, and leaving vampire law up to vampires.

Fluff: As the government began establishing laws and rights for vampires, some kindred took up the perspective that their rules and regencies should be as they had always been. Many vampires were vehemently opposed to the idea of laws created by a system that had only recently learned that vampires even existed. They argued that, at the very least, the government should grant kindred governments the power to handle internal affairs. The KSE was established to lobby for Kindred being governed by Kindred; that is, those who know best how to establish rules and regulations for the supernatural. After all, they’d done so for longer than any existing mortal institution.
Although one might not expect mortal support for this perspective, there is a mortal presence in the group, albeit less strong than the vampire presence. Some mortals in this group argue that vampires would know how to govern themselves best, while others are looking for a way to “sweep the problem under the rug.”

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