External Links

Official Roleplaying Links

White Wolf Publishing
Publisher of Vampire (both Masquerade and Requiem) and countless other sourcebooks for the World of Darkness

By Night Studios
Publisher of updated Mind’s Eye Theatre (i.e., LARP) rules for Vampire: the Masquerade and other classic World of Darkness games

Provides PDF and Print-on-Demand versions of White Wolf and other RPG publisher’s rulebooks. Since Fall 2011, they’re the only way to purchase old White Wolf products short of remainder stock in game stores and eBay.

Useful Online Resources

Amber Throne War Wiki
Amber Throne War house-rules wiki, managed by the DCP Throne War GM Team

Relevant Campus Links

Dead City Productions on Wildcat Connection
DCP’s Official web presence with Northwestern University

Other Collegiate LARPs

Carpe Noctem
Run under the auspices of the Illini Roleplaying Network, this is a long-running Vampire: the Masquerade LARP on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus

Live Action Roleplaying Club
A student organization at Knox College, LARC operates a number of LARPs on campus

Northwestern's Home for Gaming