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Character Creation help available this week! (10/15)

This whole week, one or more STs will be available to help you build a character and get a grasp on the setting if you want to participate Game 1. Below is a list of where we’ll be by default, but if you’d like to schedule a meeting at another time, go ahead and email us so we can do our best to accommodate.
  • Sunday: None scheduled, but contact us if you want us to be somewhere
  • Monday: at Norris Board Games (7PM)
  • Tuesday through Thursday: at Evanston Games & Cafe (mid-late evening)
  • Friday: Nothing in public, but will respond immediately if emailed
  • Saturday: at Parkes Hall 2nd floor (the game location) ~3PM
  • Anytime: As always, we’ll respond pretty quickly if emailed at


Deadcity Production’s Mainstage Chronicle will be on hiatus for the next month or so, and will resume with Game 4 in Winter Quarter. We’ll update everyone for new dates and such through both this website and the DCP Listserv.

Fall 2011 Quarter Dates and Other Important Dates

Welcome back, everyone!

First off, the deadline for pitches for city positions is September 22 — only four days away. Furthermore, the deadline for pitches from all returning players is October 1. Please do get your characters in so that we have time to consider your wishlist, not to mention so that we can have the time to devote to newcomers in this particularly challenging setting.

Also! We have game dates for you!

Fall Quarter Schedule

All games will run from 5pm-10pm in their respective locations.

Newbie Game: October 8th, Annenberg Hall (ground floor, G02 out-of-character room)
Character Creation Session (for newbies and last-minute questions): October 15th, Norris ground floor, 12-4pm
Game 1: October 22nd, Parkes Hall 2nd floor
Game 2: November 5th, Parkes Hall 2nd floor
Game 3: November 19th, Parkes Hall 2nd floor

See you all soon!

Updates and Information

Don’t forget, Deadcity, Game 3 will be held this upcoming Surday, November 20th, from 5pm to 10pm at Parkes Hall.

Please try and get us your downtime actions by this Tuesday, November 16th, and your experience expenditures by Thursday, November 18th.

If you’re unsure about the amount of experience you have to spend, feel free to email the storytellers. However, expect each game to net you 3 experience (2 from following the rules, 1 from attendance), and we’ll let you know if you earn more or less than that number.

The Dramatis Personae is updated currently, with everyone who has sent in information, and should have the proper amounts of status to each person. Please let us know if you see an error on your entry, or if there are any changes you’d like made.

The Current Situation

Storytellers will now be notified when typing @storytellers in a message.

the character database looks like we’ll be using cforms II for the front-end formbuilding, and formtools on the backend for saving/modifying. or we might just use Brad’s system, depending on whatever viagra easier.

I have yet to start groups up for each of the different divisions, but that’s something better handled by users and such.

unfortunately, some of the alignment is wonky with the buddypress features like group forums, group lists, etc.; this comes from the issues around using a different theme with buddypress. nothing major, but a little annoying. someone with more experience would be better able to do it.

still need to write some sort of how-to-use page, though it should be fairly evident.