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Announcement: Welcome!

Welcome to Dead City Productions! We’ve been Northwestern’s LARP  organization since 1994, and we also do tabletop and board gaming. We welcome not only current students but alumni and friends to our events.

If you are unfamiliar with roleplaying in general or Vampire LARPs in specific, you may want to read our guide to them. LARPing is ideal for people who consider themselves gamers as well as actors who enjoy the more improvisational side of acting.

If you’re interested in our primary LARP offering, the Mainstage Chronicle, there is a menu with setting information at the top of the page. If you create an account and log in, you will see a rules menu next to that. Each chronicle takes place over the course of 10 games spread throughout the school year, with a new setting and new characters each year. New players are welcome at any time. This year’s chronicle is We Built This City on Our Parent’s Bones. If, after reading all of this, you have any more questions—or (hopefully!) any ideas for a character—please send an email to the ST team.

But wait, there’s more!

Besides the yearly “mainstage” LARP, DCP also schedules occasional self-contained one-off LARPs, schedules days for playing tabletop RPGs, and gets together for board games every week. For more information on all of our other programming, please send an email to the Executive Board.

—Team Original Series (2017–2018)

Character Creation help available this week! (10/15)

This whole week, one or more STs will be available to help you build a character and get a grasp on the setting if you want to participate Game 1. Below is a list of where we’ll be by default, but if you’d like to schedule a meeting at another time, go ahead and email us so we can do our best to accommodate.
  • Sunday: None scheduled, but contact us if you want us to be somewhere
  • Monday: at Norris Board Games (7PM)
  • Tuesday through Thursday: at Evanston Games & Cafe (mid-late evening)
  • Friday: Nothing in public, but will respond immediately if emailed
  • Saturday: at Parkes Hall 2nd floor (the game location) ~3PM
  • Anytime: As always, we’ll respond pretty quickly if emailed at