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Character Creation help available this week! (10/15)

This whole week, one or more STs will be available to help you build a character and get a grasp on the setting if you want to participate Game 1. Below is a list of where we’ll be by default, but if you’d like to schedule a meeting at another time, go ahead and email us so we can do our best to accommodate.
  • Sunday: None scheduled, but contact us if you want us to be somewhere
  • Monday: at Norris Board Games (7PM)
  • Tuesday through Thursday: at Evanston Games & Cafe (mid-late evening)
  • Friday: Nothing in public, but will respond immediately if emailed
  • Saturday: at Parkes Hall 2nd floor (the game location) ~3PM
  • Anytime: As always, we’ll respond pretty quickly if emailed at

Upcoming Games

The following games are scheduled:

Game 7: March 11th
Game 8: April 8th
Easter Game (egg): April 29th
Game 9: May 6th
Game 10: May 20th

As a quick reminder, we’re planning to have Game 9 be the climax of the chronicle, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Masquerade Drop. Game 10 will be more of an epilogue (taking place a few months after Game 9) to play out some of the long-term consequences of events. Game 10 will also be Secrets Night, where we’ll have a chance to share secrets and motivations, as well as paper plates!

Additionally, dues for this year ($1 per game) must be paid at Game 10. If you are concerned about your ability to pay those dues for whatever reason, just reach out to the ST team and we’re happy to make arrangements for you.

Lastly, if you have any ideas or designs for a T-shirt for this year’s chronicle, please let us know! We’d love to see them!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please send them to us at


~Team Heavenly Superpeople

Winter Quarter Games!

Hey DCPers!

Welcome to 2017! We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday break! As we start winter quarter, we want to give you a reminder of a couple of important dates for the LARP chronicle!

The game dates for winter quarter are as follows:

Game 4: January 14th
Game 5: January 28th
Game 6: February 18th
Game 7: March 11th

Additionally, due to unavailability in Parkes hall, all four of these games will take place in Annenberg Hall! The OOC room will be room G21 (a lecture hall)! Game on will be at 5, so please be ready for pre-game announcements by 4:45, but don’t show up any earlier than 3:30!

We look forward to seeing you again soon! If you have any questions, please email them to

~Team Heavenly Superpeople

Fall Quarter

Hello all!

We’ll have Fall Quarter’s games for the Mainstage Chronicle on the following days:

Game 1: October 29th
Game 2: November 12th
Game 3: December 3rd

If you have any questions about any part of our Mainstage LARP Chronicle for the 16-17 academic year, please send an email to

~The ST team, Team Heavenly Superpeople

Spring Quarter Game Dates

Hello Deadcitizens!
We have dates reserved for the final three games of the Chronicle. For spring quarter, all games will be in the second floor of Parkes Hall, at the corner of Sheridan and Chicago (the usual place).

Like last quarter, Games 8 and 9 will start game at 4:30 PM sharp and end game at 9:30 PM so that we can get out of Parkes Hall by10:00 PM. Game 10 will start earlier and run shorter to make time for Secrets Night. An email with Game 10 specifics will be coming later.

The dates of game will be:

Game 8 – April 23rd
Game 9 – May 14th
Game 10 – May 28th
Your Game 8 XP expenditures and downtimes are due on April 17th. Additionally, if you are interested in having a t-shirt made for this year’s Chron, please submit any ideas for a design or tagline!
Kind regards,
Team Next Generation

ATTN: New Members!

Welcome to DCP!  We have the following activities planned for new members prior to the first game of the Mainstage Chronicle (October 20th):

  • Newbie Game (October 6th, 4:45pm, Parkes Hall)
  • Character Creation Session (October 13th, 1:30-??, Norris Cafeteria)

Newbie Game is a one-shot LARP for those players new to LARPing in general, as well as those new to NWoD Mind’s Eye Theatre.  (If the preceding sentence was Greek to you, that’s fine – we’ll teach you that too.)  Players are introduced to the World of Darkness (a world much like our own, where all those urban legends and scary stories are either true or cover-ups for even more horrific things) as well as to the experience and mechanics of playing a Vampire in such a world.

The Character Creation Session is an informal activity where new players are invited to sit down with the STs and hash out their first character for the Mainstage Chronicle.  New players need only bring their vague character concepts and their imaginations, and the STs will help turn those ideas into a full character pitch.  As with Newbie Game, no prior experience with the rule set is required.  Attendance at the session is not required for new players, but is strongly encouraged.  New Players who cannot make it to the session but wish to have ST assistance in making their character can contact the STs to arrange for a one-on-one session at another time.

Please see prior posts for times and locations for the Mainstage Chronicle.

Note for Returning Players: The STs are more than willing to help returning players with their characters, if we have enough time and/or manpower.  Please be aware, however, that primary purpose of the the October 13th session is to assist the newbies, and as such we must give them the lion’s share of our attention.

If you want to help us acclimate newbies to DCP, the best way is by volunteering to act as an in-character Sire to a new player.  As the newbie’s Sire, you would be responsible for teaching the player how to navigate the labyrinthine politics of V:tR, and for molding their character into a productive member of Chicago’s Kindred community. This will also help shield the newbie from the effects of their mistakes, as per the Tradition of Progeny.If you’re interested in being a Sire, please email the STs, and we’ll match you up with a newbie whose character concept best complements your own.  (Note: Acting as a Newbie’s Sire will not cost you any permanent Willpower.)

The Current Situation

Storytellers will now be notified when typing @storytellers in a message.

the character database looks like we’ll be using cforms II for the front-end formbuilding, and formtools on the backend for saving/modifying. or we might just use Brad’s system, depending on whatever viagra easier.

I have yet to start groups up for each of the different divisions, but that’s something better handled by users and such.

unfortunately, some of the alignment is wonky with the buddypress features like group forums, group lists, etc.; this comes from the issues around using a different theme with buddypress. nothing major, but a little annoying. someone with more experience would be better able to do it.

still need to write some sort of how-to-use page, though it should be fairly evident.

Site Progress

As of now, I’ve got all of the wiki up as pages under the rules heading, or at least as much of the wiki as i thought would be useful. I have not transferred over newspapers or the history of anchorage, since they won’t necessarily apply to next years game; however, I may add them in at some other time, not sure how though.

still left is to create the character system, and that is the scary task indeed. I could just use Brad’s character system, but I’d prefer something a bit more integrated with the wordpress installation we’re currently rocking. I have a plugin that may work well for that, but it still requires me to install everything.

I intend to create roles for the storytellers and exec members, beyond the already established moderator/contributor/admin options, just so controls are more readily set and there’s no questioning of what they can or can’t do.

groups need to be formed, and an easy way for players to contact the STs as a whole. I’m thinking an ST user might be helpful, so that typing “@storyteller” alerts the STs to something that requires their attention. There’s ways to do this all, I’m sure, I just need to figure it out.