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Fall Quarter Dates

A reminder on when Games will be happening this year:

Newbie Game: Saturday October 9th, 5pm-10pm, 2nd Floor of Parkes Hall.

Game 1: Saturday October 23rd, 5pm-10pm, 2nd Floor of Parkes Hall.

Game 2: Saturday November 6th, 5pm-10pm, 2nd Floor of Parkes Hall.

Game 3: Saturday November 20th, 5pm-10pm, 2nd Floor of Parkes Hall.

I’m a little swamped with work at the moment, but there will be some updates soon to the website for the forum, as well as more date/time information, and better use of the news system

Site Progress

As of now, I’ve got all of the wiki up as pages under the rules heading, or at least as much of the wiki as i thought would be useful. I have not transferred over newspapers or the history of anchorage, since they won’t necessarily apply to next years game; however, I may add them in at some other time, not sure how though.

still left is to create the character system, and that is the scary task indeed. I could just use Brad’s character system, but I’d prefer something a bit more integrated with the wordpress installation we’re currently rocking. I have a plugin that may work well for that, but it still requires me to install everything.

I intend to create roles for the storytellers and exec members, beyond the already established moderator/contributor/admin options, just so controls are more readily set and there’s no questioning of what they can or can’t do.

groups need to be formed, and an easy way for players to contact the STs as a whole. I’m thinking an ST user might be helpful, so that typing “@storyteller” alerts the STs to something that requires their attention. There’s ways to do this all, I’m sure, I just need to figure it out.