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Spring Quarter Game Dates

Dead City’s schedule for Spring Quarter 2013 is as follows:

  • April 6 – Game 8 of the main chronicle
  • April 13 – Easter Game
  • April 20 – Game 9
  • May 4 – Game 10

Easter Game is a standalone game – i.e., not part of the Mainstage Chronicle – in which players bring back characters from past years and engage in whatever weirdness the Easter Game STs have concocted… which usually includes finding Easter eggs.  The Easter Game STs will be sending more information as the date approaches.  (If you are new to DCP or don’t wish to re-play your old charactes, don’t worry!  The E-game STs will have pre-generated characters for you.)

Game 10 will be shorter than usual, to allow time for Secrets Night, in which all the players share the plots, plans and amusing anecdotes from the chron.  Also, the Main-Chron STs will tell you what was really going on.

As usual, all these games are on a Saturday.  Plan to arrive at 4:45pm, with Game-On called at 5pm.  Tentatively, all games will be held on the Second Floor of Parkes Hall (we do not yet have confirmation of room reservations – we’ll keep you posted).


Tang – You’re Invited!

“Come for the Craters, Stay for the Tang!”

 Scenic Lost Rivers is the home of excitement both old and new! Home to Solid Sea National Park, Lost Rivers was blowing up (quite literally) thousands of years ago as an ocean of lava cooled. What’s exploding now? Why, it’s Tang – a tasty space age drink with a future about as bright as it’s color! Lost Rivers has the nation’s first Tang factory (opened in 1958 — just last year!), and it’s putting this Idaho treasure on the map again! So, no matter whether your interest lies in the distant past or the nearby future, Lost Rivers is the place for you!


Attention Deadcitizens!

DCP will be putting on a special mortals game in December.  Please note that this game is a oneshot LARP and is not related in anyway to the mainstage chronicle.  During this game, players will take the roles regular ol’ mortals, rather than some flavor of supernatural creature.  There is no prep work required for players, simply show up and we’ll hand you a character.  We’ll be using a simplified White Wolf system, so if you’ve LARPed with DCP before, you should know how to play.  Haven’t LARPed before?  No problem!  This game can be enjoyed even with minimal knowledge of the game rules.

Please be advised that this game is scarier than a main chronicle game and is RATED R for violent themes and psychological horror.  You are mortals within a horror setting and, as such, horrible things are going to happen.

WHEN: Sunday, December 2nd from 2-7pm
WHERE: Kresge Hall fourth floor (1880 Campus Drive, Evanston IL)
RSVP to Stephanie at wombatgal [at] gmail [dot] com so we can get an attendance estimate for maximum planning.

Those signed up on the listserv will receive more teasers and informational emails in the weeks leading up to game.

P.S. Attending a one-shot LARP organized by DCP earns players a shiny Experience Point to spend on their characters in the Mainstage Chronicle…as if you didn’t already have enough good reasons to go.