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Announcing DCP 2014-15: Their Quietus Make (A Story About You)

Greetings, Deadcitizens!

On behalf of next year’s ST team (I’m not calling us “Team Forever 21” and you can’t make me), I present next year’s chron (plus questions we’ve already been getting down at the bottom, so even if you heard the pitch at Game 10, take a look at that):

Our theme is “What will you do with Eternity?” Vampires have dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of years to build, plan, plot, and create beyond what normal mortals have. DaVinci, Mother Theresa, and Abraham Lincoln all had one lifetime each to craft a legacy. So did Hitler, Gengis Khan, and Jeffrey Dahmer. What could an immortal vampire accomplish?

Our setting is modern day New York City, a city still healing from an event almost 15 years ago. On the evening of September 11, 2001, the Kindred of New York woke up to find a city vastly different from the one they left: people panicked, dozens of Kindred dead or missing, and mortal security heightened beyond anything anyone thought possible. Those whose havens were near Ground Zero were the worst off, with many starving into torpor or being killed by mortal hunters. Manhattan, with some of the richest feeding zones in the city, was too dangerous for Kindred.

Adding to all this chaos was the revelation that the Prince’s haven was somewhere in or near the Towers. The Prince was dead. This power vacuum drew in three Elders who all began gathering territory and followers. Soon, war between these factions was claiming even more lives.

After a few years of bloodshed, cooler heads prevailed and a 10-year ceasefire was enacted. Each Prince kept the territory they had been able to claim while Manhattan – which was still death to a Kindred who lingered there too long – was left a neutral zone, held by no Prince. The result was something between genuine peace and a cold war with each Prince jockeying for position against the others. Over time, Manhattan became a dumping ground for exiles, outcasts, and political malcontents, while the Princes created their ideal New Yorks.

Now, it’s almost 10 years later. The cease-fire is due to expire and rumors abound of the Princes meeting in secret to negotiate a binding Treaty and a singular Prince. The last 10 years have been a time of tumult, but also one of opportunity. As we enter the last few months of the cease-fire, we focus on those Kindred who have had the vision and the initiative to take advantage of this time – the PCs – and see how their plans play out against this backdrop.

And we do mean that we are focusing on the PCs and their plans. Next year, their will be NO METAPLOT. The plot of game will be entirely built out of the plans, schemes, and goals of the players.

And now, answers to some questions we’ve gotten:

No metaplot? Seriously?
Yes, Virginia, there is no metaplot.

That’s not a question. And we are seriously sincere about having no metaplot next year. If we get half as much player plot as we anticipate getting, we’ll have plenty to build a chron around.

What if I don’t have a big plan or plot?
Think of the “no metaplot” thing as an opportunity, not an obligation. We’ll be working with the players who do build big goals into their characters to make sure that they need to involve other PCs in order to accomplish their goals. There’ll be plenty of plot for you to get involved in.

Are you going to allow bloodlines?
Yes. However, being a member of a bloodline will require a 4-point merit and the STs reserve the right to veto any specific bloodline.

What about werewolves/mages/changelings/digeridoos? Do they exist? Can I be one?
Most vampires don’t know much of anything about other supernatural creatures beyond myths and rumors. For some reason, other supernaturals don’t typically hang out with blood-drinking monsters. Go figure.

As for being something other than a vampire, please keep the following in mind when pitching:

  • As mentioned above, most supernaturals don’t spend time hanging out with vampires. So, why does your character spend all their time hanging out with things that want to know what your blood tastes like?
  • This chron’s theme is very vampire-centric. How does whatever creature you want to be fit into “What will you do with Eternity?”
  • Be aware that any other kind of supernatural creature will be underpowered compared to vampires. Exact details of this will be determined when/if we get a pitch like this but they can include significant required merits and increased XP costs.
  • As with bloodlines, the STs reserve the right to ask you to change anything that won’t fit into game well.

Speaking of power levels, what kind of power/age spread will next year have?
We will be heavily encouraging a pretty narrow age/power range. Specifically, we’re looking for pitches mostly in the 50-100 year old, old neonate/young ancilla range. This is to help create some balance in a heavily player-focused year and because that’s an interesting age for our theme: you’ve lived an entire human lifetime and are now looking at a literal eternity; you’re old enough to not be bossed around by elders all the time, but young enough that you don’t have a bunch of neonates to boss around yourself; you’re old enough to be making plans, but young enough that those plans are on the scale of months and years, not decades and centuries.

So, is the game taking place entirely in Manhattan?
No. The pitch focuses quite a bit on Manhattan because it is in many ways the most different from the usual status quo. Very soon, we will be releasing information on the Three Princes and their Domains (which we’re going to call Principalities, just to differentiate between these and lesser Domains).

How hard will it be to go between Principalties or to and from Manhattan?
Part of the ceasefire agreement is that Kindred acknowledged in one Principality are allowed to freely travel to the Domains of the other Princes, provided they obey the Traditions and other laws of the Principality.

Traveling from a Principality to Manhattan is unrestricted, although Kindred are expected to obey the Traditions while they’re there (or at least not get caught using Manhattan as a “break the law free” card).

If a Kindred was exiled to Manhattan, getting caught in any Principality is an immediate death sentence.

For non-exiled Manhattanites traveling to the Principalities, they have no formal protection under the law, but as long as you don’t cause any trouble, no one will kill you for existing.

Sorry about the long e-mail. I’ll try not to make all of these huge text-dumps and everything will also be going on the website for future reference.

-John Kohn III
Head ST (the guy who’s fault everything is)

A Message from the Prospective 2013-14 ST Team

Hey deadcitizens!

We, the prospective ST team for the 2013-14 DCP Mainstage Chronicle present the following pitch video.  It contains everything you need to know about our chronicle for next year and highlights many important themes of our story.  We hope you find the guidelines for character creation it contains to be helpful, and please keep in mind that we want to limit the amount of silly, goofy, and just foolish character pitches.  We’ll be presenting more information at Game 8 and we’re excited to hear your thoughts about our chronicle pitch.


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