DCP Listserv

The Dead City Listservs

The council strongly encourages everyone interested in Dead City Productions to subscribe to the Dead City listserv. It is a cheap (free!) and efficient way to keep in touch. Because it is a moderated listserv you will not be exposed to off-topic messages, either.

Dead City Productions has four listservs: the Deadcity listserv, the Board_Games listserv, the DCP-Tabletop listserv, and the DCP-Mainstage listserv.

The DEADCITY listserv will be used for news that pertains to all parts of DCP, be it exec business or elections in the future or similar matters.  It will also send out a brief, biweekly news message that lists upcoming events of all sections of DCP.  Oneshot LARPS will also be broadcast in these newsletters.

The DCP-MAINSTAGE listserv will be used for the year-long Vampire the Requiem LARP game. It will send information such as updates from the mainstage ST team and upcoming game dates.

The BOARD_GAMES listserv will contain a weekly reminder about board game nights, and will let you know if there is anything different going on.

The DCP-TABLETOP listserv is a way for people to get in contact with others who are planning to start a tabletop adventure or a oneshot game, or for people looking to be players in such games.


In order to subscribe to the listserv one needs to send a message without a subject heading to listserv@listserv.it.northwestern.edu.

In the body of the message you need to write:

subscribe deadcity Firstname Lastname

(replacing Firstname and Lastname with your own first and last names). Be sure to do this from your own e-mail account!

To sign up to any of the other listservs, use one (or more) of the following lines in the body of the message (again replacing Firstname and Lastname with your own first and last names):

subscribe BOARD_GAMES Firstname Lastname

subscribe DCP-TABLETOP Firstname Lastname
subscribe DCP-MAINSTAGE Firstname Lastname


Note that unsubscribing also requires a message to listserv@listserv.it.northwestern.edu with a blank subject line, except this time the body only needs to say:

unsubscribe deadcity

Similarly, you may replace that line with one of the lines below to unsubscribe from any of the other listservs:

unsubscribe BOARD_GAMES

unsubscribe DCP-TABLETOP
unsubscribe DCP-MAINSTAGE

Sending to the listserv

To send to the main listserv once you are subscribed, you need only mail to: deadcity@listserv.it.northwestern.edu, and your message (assuming it is suitable for distribution) will go winging off into the sub-ether, and wind up in the hands of all your fellow Dead Citizens.

To send to one of our other listservs, send a message to one of the following:


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