1999-2000 The Good, The Bad, And The Independent (or, A Fistful of Kindred)

Courtesy of Dave Weidendorf

In response to the previous year’s overabundance of overplot, FoK had a very low-key plot that centered on the arrival of the Quei-Jin vampires in Tuscon Arizona. Tuscon had long been a vampiric free city, dominated by neither the Sabbat nor the Camarilla. This relative freedom came due to the presence of various powerful Elders, with varying agendas, none of which called for the presence of the Camarilla or the Sabbat.

Throughout the year, various factions pressed for control of the city, or for the maintenance of the status quo. The independent faction, based in the office of Michael Covington, was nominally headed by Walker, Texas Ventrue, and consisted of Walker, Frank Knaff, Leslie Sturgeon, Covington, and Sexy Sexton Furnival.

The Camarilla presence was mainly personified by Samuel David Cavanaugh, occasionally backed up by Arthur Robinson, Thomas Martin, Lila, Jeremy Trevinio, Stephan Krull, and Jacob Henry.

The Sabbat presence was less formidable, but more consistant. Don Sancho de Castillo served as pack ductus, Delphai was the bishop, Johnny McMannus served as priest, and Marcus Cole rounded out the group as a Malkavian loose cannon.

In addition to the usual mix of totally disinterested vampires, there were two truly odd individuals, named Legardo and Mazatl, the MexiGangrel. They knew no fear, knew no conventions, and knew no soap. But damn were they entertaining.

The city see-sawed back and forth from nearly Sabbat to actually Camarilla over the course of the year, as the Quei-Jin slowly slipped into the city under the aegis of Samuel Cavanaugh.

Notable Characters:

  • Walker, Texas Ventrue: Mostly just the name.
  • Michael “Cov” Covington: A Ventrue with neither arrogance or agenda, other than freedom for all.
  • Sexton “Sexy” Furnival: First to die, the victim of a pair of one-shot wonders. We hardly knew ya, Sexy.
  • Leslie Sturgeon: A Giovanni playing Brujah.
  • Don Sancho de Castillo: A noble member of the Sabbat.
  • Legardo: The Lizard. The Engima. The Mexigangrel.


“I’d Guess you’d say, What can make me feel this way? Xipe. Xipe. Xipe. Talkin’ ’bout Xipe, Xipe!” (to the tune of “My girl”)
– Legardo and Mazatl

-Dueling Dominate: Joseph Milliner and Michael Covington to Mazatl

“Are you Sancho? No, you are not Sancho. Neither is Scott Baio Sancho. But I, I am Sancho! To Restest!”
-Don Sancho de Castillo, stepping off his Lasombra authority kick

“Caine, the first vampire, Embraced his childer, and they theirs, down the generations until we were made.”
-Covington discussing vampiric origins with Legardo

“I Hugged him real good.”
-Legardo, discussing the Embrace of Mazatl


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