1998-99 On a Clear Day, You Can See Hell From Here

Courtesy of Dave Weidendorf:

Fourteen vampires from the Dark Ages return to wakefulness in Flint Michigan, and the Forces of Darkness rose to meet them. This game was a cross between undead power politics and a heavy dose of the occult.

It all started when 14 vampires awoke in Flint, vampires who had last walked in the thirteenth century. The Prince jumped on the situation, and helped to introduce them to the modern society “of personal hygene and microwave burritos”. Little did the Kindred of Flint know that the rise of the Ancients was simply the first step in the chaos that was to ensue.

The Ancients were the minions of Darius, an ancient mage empowered by God to combat the machinations of Mr. White, minion of “anti-God”, a being imprisoned before Creation as a result of losing a round of rock-paper-scissors.

The city suffered through numerous crises. The first was a rash of child kidnappings by a demonic cult, spiced with the rising of a horde of lizard-monsters from the sewers of Flint. In addition, the Veterans Administration hospital in Flint became the source of evil emanations from below.

As the cult was disrupted, more troubles emerged. Mr. White appeared, sowing discord and treachery throughout the city. The demon SixtailAmla (known as STA) appeared, along with the continuation of the DCP tradition of the innocent corporation with a suspicious name (In this case, the totally unaffiliated Standard Toxic Annealing). In addition, the city had a rash of Baali sightings, culminating with the embrace of the city’s pet Slaugh into Clan Ventrue (or was it Baali). Meanwhile, the champions of old began to fall. The first to go: Scyndis, Salubri warrior of light, who became convinced that he was, in fact, the Christian God, and Mr. White was his loyal archangel.

In the end, all Hell literally broke loose in Flint. The Slaugh-turned-Ventrue-turned-Malkavian (who was really Baali) joined with a number of other powerful vampires to destroy the old Prince and replace the power structure of the city. The presence at the VA hospital erupted, leaving squirming bodies twitching on a cast-iron fence. STA emerged in his full, vile glory. The power went out at the bidding of John Darbrough’s play by e-mail Malkavian, who believed that he was Thomas Alva Edison machinating against Nikolai Tesla’s vile alternating current. As a final blow, as the power structure of the city was turning inside-out, Mr. White made his final play, leading to the destruction of all of the Universe (and especially Mr. White).

Other amusing sidenotes:

  • Paul Rich’s hapless Tremere, who wound up with his soul bound to the urinal trough in Wrigley Field.
  • The Easter Game, which featured Metallica, Naked Saulot (“I’m FREE!), the Goth Price is Right (all bidding in Angstroms), and a big musical showdown pitting “I Want to Be in Arcadia” (to the tune of “I Want to Be in America”) against Devo’s “Whip It”.
  • Spot the Primogen, where three of the Primogen of the City were not from the clan they claimed to represent.

Notable Characters:

  • Andrei Carmanoff: Ventrue Primogen cum Brujah infiltrator
  • Sol Podswank: Nosferatu Primogen cum Tremere spy (courtesy of a blast furnace)
  • Mr. White: Evil being, well, evil
  • Crawford Trask: The new Prince
  • Alvarez: The old Ventrue Prince, really a Caitiff, killed by the Adams Familiy
  • Adrastus: Cappadocian, scholar, and assassin
  • Solo: Sheriff of Flint and Champion of Light
  • Scyndis Christ: Salubri cum Messianic lunatic
  • Puppet: Sluagh cum Ventrue (Baali) cum Malkavian, the reason we all died
  • William Wilson: Brujah primogen and philosopher. Actually a Brujah.
  • Jim the Nosferatu: “No fuckin’ neon crosses!”
  • Sebastian “Mr. Book” Cowling: Tremere Primogen, wielder of the Death Star, owner of a pocket full of evil.

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