1997-98 Know Thy Enemy

Courtesy of Dave Weidendorf:

This chronicle centered around the recently war-torn Camarilla Domain of Chicago-Evanston. In the recent past, the Lupines, the Camarilla, and the Sabbat had fought bitterly over the turf, and only a last ditch alliance between the Cammies and the Puppies saved the day, er night.

The city was home to a hotbed of intrigue. The principle plot involved a conflict between a Settite (Cassius Theremius, played by Nate Friedl) and a Child of Osiris (Simon Rilke, played very cleverly undercover by Andy Minor). In addition, there were Werewolf spies, exploding art galleries, repeated attempts on the Prince’s life, Brujah arcanists, ghoul revolts and more Salubri than you can shake a stick at.

Notable games included the combination Malkavian prank night, Toreador Ball, and Nosferatu Scavenger Hunt. Pranks included stealing Louis Farrakhan’s bow tie, the pink light at the Crowne Pavillion, and obtaining the Sheriff’s mortal Akido instructor (alive) in a box. The best Malkavian prank was the lacing of the Toreador Ball’s Blood Supply with LSD.

In addition, this was the year of the Camarilla Grand Conclave that started a war between the Domains of Paris and Chicago (and a plague of frogs shall decend upon you), revealed the secrets of Petrodon’s murder, and showed, in DCP play, why the Gangrel really left the Camarilla.

Notable Characters:

  • Father Oscar Jesus Trevino del Valle: The Gangrel priest turned Salubri.
  • Franco Courage: The Brujah who couldn’t get enough of Entrancement
  • Dr. Ethan Schwarzbaugh: Clinical Malkavian doctor.
  • Jonathon Rhee: No punk bitch.
  • Cassius Theremius: Ventrue Primogen/Settite subversive
  • Simon Rilke: Malkavian Primogen/quiet Child of Osiris
  • Emerson Le Blanc: Only DCP Prince to survive the whole year in office
  • Charles “Chucky” Chesterson: Chief Harpy with a lisp. First to die.
  • And a cabal of ghouls with Path of the Sun.


“I no Punk Bitch! I have Green Card! Bathroom in Back!”
-Jon Rhee, freaking out when the FBI arrives

“You called me what?
-Joe Bell, on learning that people had called him “Big Daddy” Laertes all year

“Poofy hair to soak.”
-A sorority girl resisting a drubbing

“Drive to retest?”
-Greatest use of an ability in combat ever

“My feet look like loaves of Wonder Bread.”
-Jon Rhee, after some LSD laced blood at the Toreador ball

-What happens when a good Malk goes fish

“Call my secretary and make an appointment for Tuesday. That’s when I’m going to kill you.”
-Toreador Justicar to the Prince of Paris


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