1996-97 And Caine Rose Up

Masquerade chronicle of 1996-97

Courtesy of Andy…

Storytellers: Andy Minor, Sal Brienik, Lou Skriba, and Jen “Loopy” Smith

Kindred of the Evanston Domain (which extended north across the woodlands to the borders of the Milwaukee Domain) met in a dark room of Bushwoods Country Club to discuss the recent events. The meeting was called by James Trescott, the Seneshal of the city. Many were present and many were questioning. Strangely absent from the meeting was the Country Club’s owner, the Prince of Evanston, Sir William Trescott. It seemed that Prince Trescott, who only last week had executed his Malkavian Primogen, had been himself executed by his sire. So the leadership of the Domain was up in the air, with Trescott’s sire Alexander Montgomery slated to choose the successor to Princedom. And all the while the local Sabbat pack and the Werewolves north of Chicago secretly made plans to destroy it all.

The mood of “And Caine Rose Up” was dark and full of intrigue, with emphasis put on the nightly tragedy of the vampiric existence, those beautiful doomed creatures. For the first time, vampiric “feeding” on the blood of the living was something roleplayed, instead of something done casually. Emphasis was also placed on the inter-clan politics and the wars that Kindred fight on a nightly basis, to amuse their undying fancies.

For a short time the Domain of Evanston was led by a Sabbat Prince, the Nosferatu Johan Paulik, who was picked to succeed William Trescott by Trescott’s own sire. After Johan and his cronies, including former Sheriff of Evanston Walter Skinner, were chased underground, Johnathan Reilly assumed the Princedom, and remained Prince until the return of the Sabbat, when he was ambushed and converted. Reilly fought against his new bestial nature and the bonds he felt for the members of the Sabbat pack, and eventually turned the Camarilla against them (much to the chagrin of Reilly’s pack members).

The Malkavians kept themselves busy, pranking the city and each other with such devious deeds as pouring liquid nitrogen on each other and placing liquid blue (LSD in liquid form) in the city’s water supply. Many cops were killed and confused, and many lightbulbs were bloodied.

The Evanston sept of Glasswalkers also kept busy, trying to fend off the interested vampires and trying to erect a caern in the Brookstone Cemetery. With the help of a few Fianna, a Silent Strider, and a couple of Shadow Lords, and a Malkavian Antitribu, they managed to drive away the Leeches, although it was a hard, uphill battle. They didn’t succeed in establishing the caern in the cemetery.

This chronicle drew its rules from the recently published “Laws of the Night,” with several house rules created by the storytellers, including the first omission of the infamous Short Fuse.

Characters of Note:

  • Sir William Trescott, Prince of Evanston, played by Brian Kardos
  • Johan Paulik, (secretly) Sabbat Prince of Evanston, previously Nosferatu Primogen, played by Phil Jessel
  • Johnathan Reilly, Prince of Evanston, previously Brujah Primogen, played by Chris “Evil Friend, Friend of Evil!” Coward
  • Chase Merrick, Malkavian Primogen, First to die, played by Brad Wadle
  • Walter Skinner, Sabbat Ambassador, previously Sheriff of Evanston, played by Joe Bell
  • Marco Antonio Giovanni, the first Giovanni Antitribu, played by Marcus Bauman


“I theft its Vitae”
—Marco Antonio Giovanni, stealing the “blood” from a Bane Spirit and pulling it into his own body (not a recommended move).

“Where are we going?”
—Van full o’ Malkavians.

“Hey Vestan, remember when you set me on fire?”
—Tap, just before blowing Vestan’s arm off with a shotgun.

“Little Cairo”
—the city’s “safe zone” as designated by self-proclaimed Child of Osiris, Morgan McLane

“I’m on fire to retest?”
—Jon Darbro

“You find yourself in a 10′ x 10′ stone corridor. At the other end is an Orc, guarding a chest. The Orc sees you and charges, axe raised over his head. What do you do?”
—Storyteller to Michael Grayson, Toreador Wuss

“Do you want to go to the Tremere Prom with me?”
—Johnathan Reilly (Brujah) to Erilyn Jacobs (Silent Strider)

(Out-Of-Game)”Who are you?”
“I’m a Bane Spirit”
[still more sadly]”Oh. . . .” [pauses] “I claw you”
—Keyvan Peymani, sad to meet a Bane Spirit in the Umbra

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