1994-95 Shadows Beneath Shadows

First Mainstage Chronicle

Courtesy of Jack…

Written and perpetuated by the twisted minds of Jack Graham, Loopy Smythe-Jones and Louis “Chris” Skriba, Shadows Beneath Shadows, the first Dead City Productions Chronicle, was a twisted congeries of macabre syles. Shadows combined the goth-punk intrigue of Vampire: the Masquerade with the supernatural horror of H.P. Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu. The main plot (which most people will tell you only Jack understands, even to this day) was a cosmic struggle between the forces of order and sanity under the Nephilim Eden, and the boundless insanity of Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos, Messenger of the Outer Gods.

Turkey Bowl I, or, Let’s Kill Francis!

The other pre-Shadows DCP event, this was a one-shot Thanksgiving weekend game for everyone who didn’t go home.

The story was a murder-mystery. The city’s Kindred were being picked off one by one by a mysterious assailant. Of course, they all suspected each other but it turned out that the storyteller-run Prince had a Jekyll/Hyde thing going on. The storytellers took turns playing the Prince.

Easter Egg Hunt I, or, Gimme Them Eggz!

The very first proto-DCP event, run by Jack and Loopy.

Two groups of hapless neonates were recruited by the Ravnos Dean Moriarty and the Black Spiral Dancer (yes, a lupine) Trysta to gather a bunch of magical fey-enchanted Easter Eggs so the two could open a gate to Arcadia and jump through.

The Easter Egg Hunt has since become a DCP tradition, with every storyteller since somehow working it into their chronicle as a night of magically unstable fun where characters from past chronicles are allowed to appear from an alternate dimension and participate in the fun (which is why the Easter Egg Hunt is also known as Cameo Night).

During Shadows Beneath Shadows, a couple of characters from that chronicle (Donovan / Sal and Virtuous Humor / Joe) actually jumped through the Arcadia portal and lived to tell of it.

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