2010-2011 The Second City


Notable Characters.

  • Prince Altair al-Muhammad Atiyeh, who was pretty okay until he tried to burn down the whole city
  • Seneschal Wallis Warfield Simpson
  • [Seneschal] Jones, apparently only five months into vampiring when made Seneschal, who later turned out to have never  been a vampire at all
  • Primogen (Doctor) Brown, a time traveler from the future who embraced himself


  • Prince Atiyeh has 99 problems, and they are all Primogen Brown – a time-travel complication led to at least twenty-six copies of Primogen Joseph Brown

Between Games 8 and 9, the coalition of Communist Players within Chicago put out a radio show. We’ll host this on the site at some point, but here is the temporary link.

DCP Communist Radio Hour

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