2003-04 When the Music’s Over, Turn Out the Lights

Courtesy of Samantha Nelson…

A long, long, long time ago a Malkavian Methuselah decided to settle down in London, England and have a family. Not satisfied with a brood of Malkavians he called upon his other Methuselah friends who embraced him 12 other childer, one from each clan. They were happy for along time until the Malkavian eventually fell into torpor. A few hundred years later he began to stir, causing plague and madness in the city above.

When he finally awoke he was hungry for potent blood and killed and ate one of his children before going back to sleep. Fearing their father’s hunger the remaining children began to attack one another, hoping to leave someone else exposed and weakened for when their adopted sire rose again. Upset at this family rivalry the Malkavian lay down a geas making it impossible for any of the 13 to directly harm or even interact with one another without serious pain. He eventually extended the curse to the direct servants of these Elders, forcing them to continue their game by manipulating younger vampires who were largely ignorant of the true cause of the conflict.

The chronicle was set in the modern city of London where only three of the original childer were left. While the Cappadocian slept the Brujah and Lasombra elders fought each other through their proxies. Arkady, the Tremere regent, and Middlebury, a chaotic Brujah elder with anarch connections, sided with the Brujah Laertes. The Lasombra Brother Thomas was served by Nosferatu keeper of Elysium Archbishop Leon Valessi.

The first game the Ventrue Prince Gui stepped down and appointed his Brujah seneschal the new Prince of London. Conflict quickly erupted as the new Prince sought to weaken and discredit his chief rival for the position, the Ventrue primogen. At the same time the Primogen council sought to gain more power for itself by refusing to admit the new Brujah Primogen and attempting to remove the Tremere Primogen, citing their relative youth. The same night Middlebury and the Archbishop rallied two groups of vampires to help them as Middlebury tried to steal a record of elder’s conflict in the Archbishop’s possession. Middlebury was forced to flee and the artifact remained protected.

The conflict between Prince and Primogen escalated, leading the entirety of clan Tremere, Brujah and Ventrue to renounce the action and the Ventrue to deny their Primogen. In the meantime the Ventrue Primogen was approached by Laertes who brought him into his service by having him steal a fragment of the tapestry detailing the story of the conflict from one of Valessi’s followers.

Laertes gained another when one of his allies unexpectedly returned to him. The Brujah Prince had diablerized one of Laertes’s servants, a childe of the Cappadocian, that Laertes had won over to his side. Over the years the Prince had used the Cappadocian’s knowledge and intelligence to expand his power, allowing him to slowly chip away at the younger vampire’s personality until he finally took full control of the diablerist’s mind and body. The Prince disappeared and a new elder came into town. The Prince’s administration left to try to find their missing friend, leaving the young seneschal in charge. Despite most of the VIPs being absent the Toreador primogen decided to hold a ball, inviting the elite of the city. Even with warnings and upgraded security the party was crashed when two gangs, Middlebury’s anarchs and a group of Setites, came in to stage an execution. The violence continued as hints that the Ventrue seneschal was really a Setite inspired Valessi to coerce two younger Nosferatu into attacking her with the support of some of his ghouls.

When the Prince was still missing by the next game, the Ventrue Primogen declared Praxis and wound up fighting with the Prince’s secretary who assured him that the Prince was still around and in contact with his administration. While they fought, both of the Malkavian Primogen, the Seneschal and some of the remaining members of the Prince’s administration negotiated. One of the Malkavian Primogen was named Prince Pro Temporae.

The Ventrue Primogen was killed shortly after and his death was blamed on Middlebury. The Brujah was bloodhunted. Looking to find a new servant, Laertes called a young Follower of Set posing as a Malkavian to him and ordered him to diablerize Middlebury.

Vampires began getting sick. Paranoia spread as to the cause as every clan except Malkavian seemed afflicted. The new elder admitted to knowing about it, spreading word that there was something sleeping beneath the city that must be appeased. Amidst discussion of how best to do that, the old Prince returned. He declared that he was a Sabbat Setite and had brought with him the assistance of Baron Samedi, raising an army of zombies and vampires to take over London. As the Camarilla vampires prepared to take a stand, the chaos ended. Most of the night’s events seemed to be a mass hallucination. The Malkavian had awakened and beat Valessi into torpor. He soon came back for the rest of the city, demanding they help him find one of his childer. With the help of a Giovanni they were able to locate the Cappadocian. Those who weren’t killed rousing the elder were devoured or otherwise destroyed by the Malkavian.

Notable Characters:

  • Peter Blatty – Malkavian who never stopped fighting WWI. First to die. Executed when he tried to fight the Germans by burning down Elysium.
  • Julia Celtann – Pretty, pretty Toreador harpy and prima ballerina.
  • Lucas – Manic Depressive Malkavian Primogen and security expert with a very well protected place to run and hide.
  • Bruce Murdock – Lukas’s partner in London’s contraband business. Liked shooting people for fun.
  • Peter Graves – Ventrue hard ass extraordinaire. Should have bought more fortitude.
  • William Loveland – Prince Pro Temporae and Malkavian Primogen. Much more concerned with being good than his administration.
  • Arthur – Setite diablerist with a flare for explosions and imitating Malkavians
  • Father Simon Pitt – Nosferatu priest and servant of the Archbishop
  • Todd Davis – Secretary and lackey to the Prince or whoever was sitting in his chair
  • Charon – Giant walking corpse that even the Nosferatu found repugnant
  • Alexandra Fisher – Ventrue Primogen, Seneschal and eventually Prince. Peter’s adopted Setite childe.
  • Angela Fitzpatrick – Controversial young Brujah Primogen. Discovered the gift of diablerie before declaring herself Prince for a few hours.
  • Dr. Cassandra Charcot – Malkavian psychiatrist who bloodbound a primogen to make sure she’d get invited to her next party.
  • Keane Hawkins – Brujah sheriff who was very good at investigating things, even the things that were just wild goose chases.
  • “Friendly” Eddie Spencer – Huge Ventrue bruiser. Finally got his Desert Eagle in time for the end of the world.
  • William Spence – Diablerist Brujah Prince with a well organized administration only defeated by the rise of the Cappadocian Alexander


“Listen, you snippy little…”
”…..lovely young lady….”
– Julia’s presence beats Brujah irritation

“Ventrue do NOT pick their noses!”
– Peter corrects his clanmate

“I always hated you.”
– Angela to Lucas right before diablerizing him

“Karis, we’re gonna play a game. You like games, don’t you?”
”Sure you do. You ever play hide and seek? “ ”Oh no.”
”Don’t worry, I won’t be looking for you. In fact, I don’t want to see you at all. Just stay out of my sight and we won’t have to move on to “Hide the stake.”
– Lessons in vampire baby sitting

“Alexandra, this is Eddie. I think someone might be trying to kill you.”
– Voicemail in the middle of mass combat

“Have you been hitting him in the balls with brass knuckles?”
“Why not?”
– The Brujah interrogate an anarch

“It’s all those people smoking heroin and shooting pot.”
– Archibishop Valessi complaining about the state of the world

“Would you be ready to protect London from certain individuals who would threaten our way of life?”
”You mean the Germans.”
“Yes, the Germans.”
Middlebury and Blatty

“Prince Spence is a Sabbat Templar. And a diablerist. And has an army of zombies. And he wants you to come to his coronation.”
Flipped out Justicar in training

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