2002-03 Nocturnal Renewal (or, A Second Breath)

Courtesy of Samantha Nelson…

The Chronicle was set in the city of Toledo, Ohio where a pair of competitive companies, Hellespont and ULY, moving into town brought with them a bunch of new vampires and pissed off the Sabbat who had been running the show.

A pirate radio DJ was breaching the Masquerade on the air and the Gangrel were framed in numerous attacks on Hellespont. Internal chaos was caused by attacks on the Malkavians and suspicion of a Lasombra infiltrator. Frustrated by the Prince’s refusal to do anything about either problem the Malks joined with a Lasombra anti-tribu and the Toreador Keeper of Elysium to try to kill the Prince and Sheriff. The Sheriff got away and in the chaos a Sabbat Assamite killed the Prince. Things didn’t go well for the revolutionaries and everyone that didn’t die or skip town was taken in to be interrogated. The Malk Primogen and aspiring Prince disappeared and the others were fed lots of the Tremere Primogen’s blood.

Next game the Malk Primogen returned with amnesia. Her trial was cut short when the Tremere Primogen and one of the Brujah both declared praxis seizure. The seneschal, a Sabbat double agent, arranged for a duel between the challengers which was interrupted by a Tzimisce and a Lasombra.

A small group was informed by a Nosferatu with an army of rats of the location of the Tzimisce’s haven and set out to investigate. Unfortunately one of the group was the Tzimisce’s thrall and tipped him off. The spies were caught and later forced to join the Sabbat, who’d gained control over a gang called the White Masks.

More stuff exploded including the Tremere chantry and the sheriff. SWAT teams were called in and the Elysiums had to be shut down and several people who were under investigation skipped town. The Camarilla called in some people to deal with the Sabbat problem. Martial law was declared and the Sabbat made their final strike, wiping out most of the Camarilla before nearly all the survivors were rounded up and arrested.

Notable Characters:

  • Circe Delacroix– Unknowing Toreador anti-tribu and owner of Booty Shakin’s male strip club.
  • Prince Lukas Huber– Tremere regnant to a pack of very, very bad thralls
  • Fate Darwin #1– Delusional Malkavian Primogen and leader of the Malkavian Revolution
  • Fate Darwin #2– Amnesiac Tzimisce infiltrator and leader of the Sabbat Girl Squad
  • Cat Ashley– The incredible unstakeable Gangrel and second member of the Sabbat Girl Squad
  • Jim Barker– Loud Nosferatu who kept dying and coming back. Third member of the Sabbat Girl Squad.
  • John Ridley– Unbondable Malkavian with a flare for explosives and no regard for Camarilla law
  • Alexi Ivanovich– Ridley’s war buddy the Lasombra Anti-Tribu and Huber’s only real thrall
  • Samuel Roberts– Toreador sheriff and Primogen saved from the Malkavians by an unlocked door only to get blown up by his deputy later
  • Simone Micholet/Alycia Alvarez– Lasombra infiltrator first of Clan Malkavian, then Toreador
  • Jena Halloran– The Malkavian’s pet Toreador and Keeper of Elysium, killed by the Sheriff during the Malk Revolution
  • Vincent Foyer– Ventrue Primogen, actually Tremere
  • Alanna O’Connor– Fishiest Malk in Toledo, actually a Ventrue
  • Martin Knight– Brujah hacker and candidate for Prince, skipped town after faking his own death


“Why can’t we take him to the hospital?”
“Because HMOs don’t cover that shit”
-Debate over what to do with a feral-clawed Hellespont employee

“The ghoul escaped?!”
“It’s ok. We’ll just leave some vitae under a box with a stick and catch him.”
-Solution when said employee was ghouled and ran

“Three Malks and their pet Torie make this- The Auspex Patrol!”
-Driving the streets of Toledo

“I shot the sheriff.”
“But did you shoot the deputy?”
“I am the deputy!”
-Ridley and Fate

“Quick everyone, to the Batshit Mobile”
-The Malks

“You’ve never had love till you’ve had tentacles.”
-Critique on Lasombra sex

“Sweet torpor loving.”
-Alexi and Ridley, staked in the closet of the Tremere Chantry

“They are talking about the straight sex. You like the straight sex, John?”
-Alexi to Ridley

“If I get one more person blood bound to me I’m going to get the merit meteor attractor.”
-Rob, President of the Lukas Huber Fan Club

“Have you seen the movie The Daredevil?”
“Have you seen the movie The Daredevil?”
-The blind Toreador trying to convince Prince Huber of his worth

“Being friends with a Toreador is like having your dick in a jar.”
“I’d buy that.”
-Jim and Circe

“Hello, this is Dr. Fate Darwin, Malkavian Primogen of Toledo. I have something of yours and was wondering what it was doing in my clan.”
“Oh that.. I don’t need it anymore. Feel free to dispose of it.”
-Alanna is busted and her sire doesn’t care

“Cat, Franklin’s dead. Holy shit! I’m a tzimisce!”
-Revelations in the last five minutes of game

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