DCP Exec Board

DCP’s Exec board, also known as the Council, handles the organization of the group. They approve events, reserve rooms, and ensure that the administration of the group is taken care of.

If you want to pitch an event or have any questions about DCP or an event, you can contact the Exec board at exec@deadcityproductions.com


The Prime Minister
Katie Barnhart

Shadow President for Life
Rebecca Way
The Prime Minister is responsible for the overall leadership of Dead City Productions. Duties include presiding over meetings, receiving petitions for new projects and presenting them to the Council and the general membership, and approving the selection of staff for projects.
The Seneschal
Arjuna Chatrathi
The Seneschal shall act in the stead of the Prime Minister in the event of absence, illness, or untimely demise (barring resurrection, of course). Additional duties include reserving and confirming the reservation of spaces for Dead City sponsored events.
The Master of the Exchequer
Vilte Baliutaviciute
The Master of the Exchequer shall see to the finances of DCP. Duties include making recommendations to the Council as to the allocation of funds to DCP sponsored events, seeing to the collection of entry fees at games, and dealing with the Student Organizations Funding Office. In times of crisis the Master of the Exchequer is empowered to assume the form of a mighty goat-like monstrosity and lay waste to the enemies of DCP.
The Keeper of the Tomes
Jamie LeibowitzJamieanneleibowitz@u.northwestern.edu
The Keeper of the Tomes shall be responsible for records (but not CD’s) and publicity. Publicity is not the same as exposure and public indecency is right out.
The Technocratic Liaison
Connor Nash
The Technocratic Liaison shall be responsible for managing DCP’s Northwestern-owned internet technology. Duties shall include maintaining the DCP ASG website, managing the¬†DCP listserv, and insisting that all supernatural events be described as instances of little-known scientific principles.

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