Covenants in LA

While in many smaller cities, one can look at a covenant as a cohesive group, in a city like LA, whose population is roughly one thousand, most covenants are too large to be referred to as one group. Most covenants consist of various coteries that run with their own agendas  – some with cross purposes. (ST Translation: Player plots)

Covenants, like political parties, are public institutions.  They keep some of their activities public as a way to gain new members.  As such, there is a publicly known structure for all of the covenants in Los Angeles.

Of course, covenants in LA have a varying amount of structure, as listed below.

Carthian Movement

The Carthians, simply put, are the least organized covenant in LA. There is no central leadership; instead, members organize themselves into Factions of sizes ranging from three to fifty members. Factions are generally separated by political ideology, geography, and methodology. The largest Faction, Citizens for Democracy, is led by the magnanimous Tommy Sunshine, a bleached blond, suntanned Californian. Mr. Sunshine (please-call-me-Tommy) is the Prefect of the Carthian Movement and is the closest thing the covenant has to a spokesman. Tommy has no political opinions other than his unending support for democracy. When asked his opinion of a Crone winning praxis, his reply was “it doesn’t matter what the covenant of the Prince is, as long as we had a democratic election for the office, the Carthians were the real winners. No, democracy was the real winner.”

Some Carthians love the governmental structure and are happy with anyone who runs democratic elections. Some Carthians like the government, but are sad that there’s not a Carthian in charge. Some Carthians hate democracy and wish to destroy it. In short, there is no unified Carthian opinion about much of anything.

Known for: Founded the democratic government in LA, created a Model UD for neonates, hold rallies at US Bank Tower

Circle of the Crone

Acolytes in LA are members of small, coterie-sized Cults. Cults are generally organized geographically, but may be based around familial relationships or magical ability. The Cults themselves may each have a minor leader, but the Crone as a whole are led by the Hierophant. The Hierophant is not an authority figure, but rather a spiritual guide and organizer of covenant activities. He leads his own Cult and is seen as a father figure by the rest of the covenant.

Known for: City-wide potlucks, offer divination services, somehow managed to hang onto the Prince office for 80 years

The Invictus

The Invictus structure in LA is entirely by the book. There certainly isn’t an Inner Council that makes decisions for the entire covenant. No, definitely not; the Invictus would never consolidate power like that, nope. As LA is a large center of kindred population, many guilds have a presence in the city and Invictus members are able to train in their hometown.

The Invictus have released no official opinion on this government, but several Invictus candidates have been put forth in previous elections. This seems to indicate that, at the very least, some Invictus are willing to play the democracy game to gain power. Remember, the Invictus aren’t necessarily about feudalism, they’re about gaining control over mortals and Kindred. Democracy is one route to power.

Known for: Started first Kindred-focused business district in the city, spearheaded movement to join the UD, LA’s Almoner Guild is world-renowned

Lancea Sanctum

The Monachal (fundamentalist), Westminster (Anglican-inspired), and Tollison (Evangelical-inspired) Creeds are roughly equal in size with 40-50 committed members. The Dammatic (Judaism-inspired) and the Iblic (Islam-inspired) Creeds are much smaller in size, but are still present in the city. Each Creed has at least one bishop and the bishops of all Creeds regularly convene as an Ecumenical Council to discuss matters of the covenant. The usual covenant offices exist in the city.

Known for: First kindred televangelists, first mass-produced the Testament of Longinus, maintain the largest Orphanarium in the city

Ordo Dracul

The Dragons of the Los Angeles Academy are organized into a dozen or so Colleges which are organized rather like university departments. Each College is headed by a Dean who leads the research and other activities of the College’s members. The Colleges are organized by academic interest, as opposed to geography, and colleges rival one another for funding and access to important resources, including Wyrm’s Nests. As the Ordo has origins as a secret society, it is likely that there are parts of this hierarchy which are unknown to the public and there are most certainly titles and ranks within the city that are only known to a few members. If you wish to know more about how the LA Academy is different from other cities, play an Ordo character.

Known for: City-wide research conferences, inter-College football games, reality TV shows originated as a social experiment in an LA College

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