2013-2014: On a Dark Desert Highway

Los Angeles: On a Dark Desert Highway

As the second most populous city in the U.S., Los Angeles, sometimes known as the Creative Capital of the World, boasts the people, places, and popularity to be a central point of business, culture, and entertainment. In addition to Hollywood, L.A. is home to myriad points of interest such as Disneyland, the La Brea Tar Pits, Griffith Observatory, and many more museums, theatres, and landmarks that intrigue and amaze its tourists. Approximately 350 kindred are known to reside in the metropolitan area. With such a large population, a larger government is needed; the kindred government of L.A. is comprised of 30-40 kindred with hundreds of ghouls and mortals supporting them. While historically, smaller cities have only needed a few individuals with distinct and separate responsibilities, the kindred government of L.A. has expanded these individual positions into bureaucratic hierarchies.

L.A. is but one player on a world stage, however. There is a collection of representatives from sovereign territories who coordinate kindred society on a global scale, much like a kindred United Nations. The seeds of it were planted nearly a century ago when a plague threatened to wipe out kindred across the globe. Its origins are unknown and many of the leaders of kindred society perished. The young, surviving vampires reached out to each other from one city to the next and established lines of communication that would eventually become the world-spanning government of today. With the death of the elder Kindred, mortal society was no longer under the control of the guiding hand of vampires. Decades passed while the scale of warfare climbed higher and higher. While some tried in vain to seize the reigns of mortal society once again, it wasn’t until the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 that enough of the recently established regional councils realized that a firm guiding hand was needed. Within a year, they formalized the global kindred government. The biggest, and certainly most controversial, issue presently being debated within this organization is a world-wide dropping of the Masquerade. It is public knowledge that the initiative is still not completely decided, but it is understood that if things keep going the way they are, the Masquerade will be dropped soon.

Players eager to embark on the whimsical journey of character design must incorporate select considerations supporting the framework and setting for Los Angeles: On A Dark Desert Highway. Kindred society encompasses a largely youthful population ranging from the freshest neonates to established ancillae of roughly 150 years. With such a young population, Bloodlines are exceedingly rare. Only the most lauded kindred scholars of history and occult know any reliable details.
Kindred government in L.A. is extremely bureaucratic. The traditional city positions, such as Sheriff, spend most of their time doing paperwork. The storytellers encourage players interested in the roles of traditional city positions to look to other positions within this highly-matrixed environment, such as working as a deputy for the sheriff or an assistant to the seneschal. Such positions will prove more engaging than higher-ranked administrative positions and offices.

Over the years, popular culture may have instilled within you grand notions of fiction including ghosts, mages, wizards, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. However, they remain just that, fiction.

We would like the initial focus of this chronicle to be on you and not the city. The city is merely the setting, while you are the main characters of the story. This is a story about a changing world and how your character does or does not adapt.

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