2014-2015: Dramatis Personae

High Inquisitor Alexander Dukor, Regent of the Financial District
Player: Mark Slattery
Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum, Manhattanite
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
High Inquisitor Alexander Dukor of the Monachal Creed is always seen in the black garments of his station. He arrived in New York days after the 9/11 attacks and began to very publicly organize the Lancea Sanctum in their efforts in Manhattan out of Trinity Church. Dukor is a fairly dogmatic-sounding Ventrue who enforces Lancea Sanctum law in a fairly draconian fashion. His broad application of groups of Paladins during the War of the Three Prince and a fairly broad definition of Heresy have landed him in the position he is in today; that of Regent of the Financial District. The Inquisitor has remained a Manhattanite his entire tenure in New York and has staunchly fought for Manhattan to be a safe place for Kindred. Dukor, while very public in his beliefs, is almost never seen actively proselytising to others.
“We are His holy monsters. All other things are falsehoods and heresies.” 

Arthur Mintz
Player: Arjuna Chatrathi
Mekhet, Lance, acknowledged in Charity’s domain
City Status 1, Clan Status 2, Covenant Status 2
Arthur Mintz is a business-kindred and entrepreneur. He has spent a great deal of time traveling and refining his ideas. He has returned to the city of his birth to build his new venture: Ye Neue Blood Shoppe, the culmination of all he has learned.

Mr. Auguste Rodin, Baron, Keeper, and Notary
Player: M. Alan Thomas
Gangrel, Invictus, Manhattanite
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
NYC’s only active Scion of the mysterious globetrotting elder known as the Rat King, the 4’11” rat-man known as Rodin manages the local branch of his sire’s worldwide claim to “mures parvi et magni per loca, et quidquid pro eorum usu solet reservatur” (“mice and rats in divers places, and whatever else is usually reserved for their use”). Originally something of an odd-jobs-man, he’s now usually to be found under the Financial District, as his local rescue efforts on 9/11 and subsequent maintenance of peace and order in the Goblin Market earned him the subinfeudation of the surrounding Domain from Invictus fleeing Manhattan. He maintains close ties to the mortal black market as well, should you need to buy or sell anything.
“It’s pronounced ‘Ro-DAH’, not ‘RODENT’!!” 

Player: Jesse Reynolds
Gangrel, Lancea Sanctum, Manhattanite
City Status 1, Clan Status 2, Covenant Status 2
Azazel’s the quiet type, but usually carries a copy of the Testament of Longinus in his claws.

Player: Hugo Vilalobos
Mage,  Recognized in Jun’s Domain
City Status 1
Chronos is the quietest of the Mages recognized by the Kindred of New York, but he is always watching everything around him, waiting for the opportune moment.

The Good Alder Clarence Duchamps, Viscount of Brooklyn Heights, Advocate and Page in the Order of the Chain and Scepter
Player: Nathan Ferguson
Mekhet, Invictus, acknowledged in Jun’s domain
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
Editor-in-chief of the Nightly New York, an explicitly vampiric, explicitly Invictus-sponsored newspaper. Runs a orphanage/training program for neonates without known sires–or for those whose sires don’t want to bother raising them. Childe of the Invictus Primogen, but doesn’t let that keep him entirely hidebound. Is present at almost every social event there is, and otherwise either ‘out on business’ or educating his charges. Nakedly ambitious and wears it on his sleeve.
“Don’t worry. We can always make a deal.”

Dante Tosto
Player: Jim Heide
Mortal, Recognized in Jun’s Domain
City Status 1
Tosto has, for the last few years, provided no questions asked medical treatment for mortals and ghouls and plausible explanations  for injuries sustained by Kindred. Though he is happy to accept boons for his services, he is quick to point out that he is always in need of transplant limbs and organs.

Dred Knightly
Player: Gary Bland
Nosferatu, Circle of the Crone, acknowledged in Jun’s domain
City Status 1, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
Dred came to the city in 2002, after which he started up his shop, Knightly Repairs & Restorations, where he does repairs on various objects – mundane, magical, and even sometimes technological – in exchange for money or boons. He has a bit of a habit of talking to himself, even in the middle of conversation.
“A stuffed animal? (Well, there was that time Arty asked me to fix up his teddy bear, but he said never to tell anyone about that.) No, I’ve never fixed a stuffed animal before, but I’d be willing to try.”


Dr. Mephisto
Player: John Fotsch
Daeva, Unaligned, Manhattanite
City Status 1, Clan Status 2
The Bad Doctor ran his menagerie of monstrous taxidermy creations in Coney Island before the War of Three Princes. War was bad for business. These nights he’s running his creepshow at the 7th Circle under Luci, the Beautiful Beast. When he’s not performing or stitching together monsters of legend, he frequents the Goblin Market, looking for fresh parts, or Underworld, where he just can’t get enough of the undead-friendly candy confections.
“What’s the matter, son? Ya don’t like clowns?”


Dragoslav Gerbic
Player: Karl Janusz
Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain
City Status 1, Clan Status 2, Covenant Status 2
Dragoslav has made no secret of his disdain for the three Princes and his desire for an Archbishop to rise to the throne. The only thing he is more fervent about is his pursuit of heretics.

Eliza Bellamy
Player: Vilte Baliutaviciute
Neonate, Nosferatu, Invictus
Eliza’s a quiet Kindred who has only recently been getting introduced to Kindred society by Clarence Duchamps as part of his neonate orphanage program.

Gabriela Vega
Mekhet, Circle of the Crone, Manhattanite
During the war, Gabriela was a smuggler during the war, but in the years since has turned her talents toward being the unofficial Scourge of the Goblin Market and the Undercity.
“Given that we’re gonna live forever, you’d be shocked at how few Kindred have developed solid investment portfolios.  I’m not one of them.  I ain’t planning on spending eternity living hand to mouth.”

Player: Philip Kelley
Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum, Manhattanite
City Status 1, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 1
Gorcey styles himself as a mercenary, though most would consider him at best a thug for hire. He’s been a minor figure in New York since the 60s, working of late more on his own than as a member of the Lancae Sanctum. His less than savory reputation preceded his appearance in the “Werewolves of London” film, and is not helped by his twice-exiled status and vague rumors of boon-breaking. Even so, if his price is met he is known to be a trustworthy and formidable short-term ally who asks few questions, and over the years numerous denizens of Manhattan have availed themselves of his services as guard, messenger, bill collector, or performer of… odd jobs, “done for people whats’d rather keep their own hands clean”.

James Anderson
Player: Korey Enright
Daeva, Invictus, Manhattanite, Independant Harpy and former Seneschal
City Status 4, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 2
Rubbing shoulders with the elite of New York City’s high society, James is known as the man you go to to get things done. His rise to power secured him a place in Prince Deane’s office as his Seneschal, and his knowledge, influence, and power among the financial backers of the largest center of commerce in the world kept him at the forefront of Kindred and mortal society. Since the fall of the towers, James felt that his place would remain in Manhattan, ready to assist the first Prince deemed worthy of truly calling Praxis over the city. He can often be seen in Underworld, trading favors among the Kindred, or at one of the many mortal parties he somehow always finds invitations to.
“Silent leges enim inter arma.”

Player: Gabe Matlin
Mekhet, Carthian Movement, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain
Johann is a patriotic American (so he thinks, anyway) opposed to extremism and what he sees as un-American behavior. He thinks hunter groups should be considered dangerous terrorists.

Lawrence “Grimdark” Markham
Player: Matt Faliszek
Mekhet, Unaligned, Acknowledged in the Bronx
City Status 1, Clan Status 1
Grimdark, as he styles himself to people who take themselves too seriously, or as Lawrence when the joke isn’t funny anymore, has been on the New York scene since the mid-2000s, doing various specialty jobs and making connections for the more…ambitious Kindred in the city. While he hasn’t been a visible part of the War, his contributions have been smaller-scale and much more subtle. When he’s not on assignment or at the bar, he can looking over small decorative curios at the Goblin Market.
“A Dramatis? What kind of nonsense is this?”

Lilith Crowley
Player: Rachel Maes
Mekhet, Circle of the Crone, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain
City Status 1, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 2
Lilith works as a medium and spiritual guide for the mortal population of the Flushing Chinatown. Amongst Kindred, she has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable occultist and practitioner of alchemy.

Luci the Beautiful Beast
Player: Aer Springer
Daeva, Unaligned, Manhattanite
City Status 2, Clan Status 1
Luci manages the Circus of the 7th Circle in an abandoned subway station under Manhattan. Along with her brother and their clown cohort, she runs a show several times a week that delights Kine and Kindred alike. She’s hardly ever seen outside of the 7th Circle but she’s loves visitors; though they’ll need to make an appointment if they want to find the place. If you’re looking for a meeting place or some special help with something, she’s the lady to talk to.
“If you’re looking for a good time, the 7th Circle is the way to go, so come along and enjoy the Show!”

Lynus the Serpentine Crusher
Player: Holden Sheftel
Daeva, Unaligned, Manhattanite
City Status 1, Clan Status 2
Another member of the 7th Circle Carnival, Lynus is a bit of a brute monster, and that’s how the crowds like it.

Martin Arcite
Player: Michael Lamble
Nosferatu, Lancea Sanctum, acknowledged in Charity’s domain
Martin Arcite showed up in New York City in the late thirties, and joined the Lance shortly thereafter.  He is fairly reserved, and rarely seen outside the cloisters of Lance strongholds.  When he does appear in wider Kindred society, he can be easily spotted;  He will be the stout man, encased in a suit of armor and carrying a big sword.  Ever since the war, he has been serving at a Paladin in an Inquisitor’s retinue.
“We are the Church Predatory, and, if we serve our Lord faithfully, we may one day be the Church Redeemed.”

Michael Mason
Player: Emery Goss
Ventrue, Invictus, Acknowledged in Charity’s Domain, Priscus Harpy
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 1
If you’re a Kindred, Mason has what you need: blood, just so long as you’re willing to pony up the boons to pay for it.

Player: Denzel Avant
Mage, recognized in Jun’s domain
City Status 1, Clan Status Black Coffee, Covenant Status Cigarettes
It’s another rainy night in New York, the city that never sleeps. Life has always been harsh, but the spring rains washed out an unusual number of bodies from the city’s gutters. The few mortals who notice think they are the bodies of the homeless who perished during the last frost, but a Regent in Queens is close to frenzy at the loss of his ghouls before he calls a friend to look into it. Before the bodies wash out into the East River to foul the already corrupt water, Morpheus is on the case. He is a Private Eye who solves mysteries and closes cases for those Kindred willing to pay. He’s been at it since ’68, and his skills haven’t dulled as old age approaches. When not on a case he can be found in Underworld, tending the bar and lending a sympathetic ear to those in need.
“An errand is getting a tank of gasoline or a pack of cigarettes, not getting chased half way around town by a pack of draugr.”

Nicholas Wolfsbrook
Player: Michael Melzer
Ventrue, Carthian Movement, Harpy of Manhattan
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
“Mr. Nick” looks like he belongs in a history classroom, but you’re more likely to find him in a subway tunnel or the Goblin Market.  As the war turned nasty, he found himself huddling underground with other Kindred refugees, and in possession of a near-complete roster of the city’s Boons.  He worked to organize the former into enforcing some semblance of peace and order below ground, and strove to ensure that nobody conveniently “forgot” about the debts they owed in all the chaos.  When the dust settled, Nick found himself Regent of a large Undercity Domain in Manhattan and a de facto Harpy.  When not busy with his self-appointed duties, he will exuberantly expound upon the similarities current events have to …some long-forgotten happenings in places nobody cares about.
“Without order, law has no utility.  Without law, order has no stability.  A society needs both to thrive.”

Player: Isa Janusz
Mage, Recognized in Jun’s Domain
City Status 1
Persephone came to New York about 15 years ago and joined up with the other local mages recognized by the city’s Kindred. She is interested in researching all sorts of exciting supernatural miscellanea. When she’s not doing that, she can be found at the Underworld, where she occasionally bartends. She is into science and spooky things.

Rex O’Bannon
Mortal, Recognized in Jun’s Domain, Crewmember on Spaceship Earth
City Status 1
O’Bannon came into the vampire scene in the mid-2000s, and has been around for the past decade as a freelance masquerade cleanup consultant. While generally acting with Prince Jun’s blessing, O’Bannon is willing to help out anyone who needs a hand — his specialty lies in computers and electronics. In his free time, he goes camping, and fishing, and hangs out with the mages. He seems to care a lot about the environment.

Robin Wilde, Guardian of the Masquerade
Player: Stephanie Marx
Gangrel, Carthian Movement, Manhattanite
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
Robin has been active in New York since the 1970s, originally as Prince Deane’s Sheriff. After 9/11, Robin stepped down from her position and remained publicly silent until after the Werewolves of New York incident, when she declared herself to be the Guardian of the Masquerade for the city. She focuses on educating kindred, as well as fixing Masquerade breaches that occur throughout the city and spreading her libertarian vampire politics. She loves to involve other Kindred in her efforts and especially enjoys bringing Kindred together in free-form meetings. She is known to follow the Lancea Sanctum faith, but isn’t pushy about her religion.
“As long as you learned from your mistake, I forgive you. Come on, let’s deal with the mortal who saw you.”

Sidney “Sid” Triggs
Player: Ronen Kohn
Nosferatu, Unaligned, acknowledged in Charity’s domain
City Status 2, Clan Status 2
For as long as he’s been known to the city – since the 1930s – Sid has been a child of the streets and the sewers. With emphasis on ‘child’: he was somewhere between 10 and 13 when he was Embraced. He was known to run around with a small gang of mortal children in the past, but they haven’t been seen since sometime in the war. These days, the only person Sid is rarely seen without is his sister Suzanne.
“Do I look like I’m shoppin’ for a babysitter? We take care of ourselves.”

Society’s Shadow
Caitiff, Carthian Movement, “Voluntarily Unacknowledged”
City Status ???, Clan Status ???, Covenant Status 3
An anonymous Kindred pundit who writes, agitates and arranges events to push for an anarcho-communist city structure. Does not claim to act as a Harpy despite being suited for the position, due to their opposition to the concept of officialized city positions and status. During the war, they spoke out in favor of the Ghosts of Stephen Deane, despite their overall negative view of the ‘too-establishment’ former Prince. Has calmed down on the violent agitation as of late, and even recently brokered a deal with the city paper to write commentary for it.
“And if you think that’s an abuse of power, wait until you hear what Charity said the other week…”

Sofia Libertad
Player: Natalia Alvarez
Gangrel, Carthian Movement, Acknowledged in Brooklyn
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 2
Sofia is Keeper of the Underworld, a bar where supernaturals of all sorts can gather and safely communicate without those nasty politics in the way. Strong and silent, she’s sometimes seen on the streets of Manhattan riding her motorcycle.

Suzanne Triggs
Player: Wizera Puller
Nosferatu, Unaligned, acknowledged in Charity’s domain
City Status 1, Clan Status 3
Suzanne’s been around the city for decades, although she hasn’t been seen much in the last ten years.  It’s only recently that she and her brother Sidney have returned to public unlife, although where they’ve been is anyone’s guess.  Embraced in her tweens, she’s a delicate, birdlike girl who’s been known to pick a lock or two in exchange for a small favor.  Demonstrating an extreme lack of interest in political life, she tends to be found on the sidelines of Kindred meeting places, usually with a book in her hands.  Usually a very bad book.
“I find that the quality of vampire fiction has gone downhill in the last few decades exponentially, in direct relation to the loss of agency of the female protagonist.  Compare Elena Gilbert to Bella Swan, you’ll see what I mean.  And don’t get me started on the train wreck that is…you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Never mind.”


Tezcacoatl, Sheriff of the Bronx and High Priest of Quetzalcoatl
Player: Brian Bowyer
Mekhet, Circle of the Crone, Acknowledged in the First’s domain
City Status 3, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 3
Tezcacoatl (sometimes called “Tez” by people who can’t pronounce his full name) has been a member of the city for over fifty years now. Pre-2001 he was mostly known for bringing his cult of Quetzalcoatl to the New York branch of the Circle. After Prince Deane died, Tezcacoatl was one of the earliest supporters of the First’s Praxis bid. During the war, despite his non-neutrality, he was one of the most ardent advocates of peace and compromise, and actually managed to prevent fights breaking out several times during the war. His proven ability to keep the peace might be why the First made him her Sheriff during the closing stages of the war.
“This war is a travesty! We are all Kindred, and Kin should not shed the blood of Kin!”

Tim E. Paradox
Player: Hugo Vilalobos
Mage, recognized in Jun’s domain
City Status 1
Tim is well known for being a disciple of Morpheus. Tim spends most of his evenings at the Club Underworld. He spends most of his nights chatting up incoming kindred and asking them personal questions. He is often seen wearing many wrist watches all with different times on them.
“It’s not always to the benefit of the story to have it so preordained.”

Turk Fenrich
Player: Connor Nash
Gangrel, Ordo Dracul, Manhattanite
City Status 1, Clan Status 1, Covenant Status 2
Turk holds a decently sized Domain for the Ordo in Harlem  and guards it jealously.

Vladimir Ivan Romanov Tyannikov Putin
Player: Colin Monnat
Mekhet, Ordo Dracul, acknowledged in Jun’s domain
City Status 2, Clan Status 2, Covenant Status 1
Contrary to what his name suggests, Vladimir Putin bears no resemblance or familial relationship to the mortal president of the Russian Federation.  In fact, Vladimir can often be heard regaling listeners far and wide of his previous exploits in the mother country and argues he is a legend of Russian folklore for whom the current president Vladimir Putin was named.  Many established citizens within the New York community remember his burst onto the scene about 10 years ago.  Since then, nearly everyone has come by one of his business cards advertising his import/export business and an “entrepreneur of Russia equipped with the latest technology to meet your every need.”

The Watchman (a.k.a. Mr. E.)
Player: Kyle Bergan
Nosferatu, Unaligned, Manhattanite
City Status 2, Clan Status 2
Originally acknowledged as Mr. E. by Prince Deane in the late ’50s, this Kindred rose to minor prominence during the war as The Watchman, protecting the Undercity as best he could from threats without and within, focusing on threats to/violations of the Masquerade.  He is allied with Nicholas Wolfbrook  and holds a subterranean Domain centered on Grand Central Terminal.  He has half a century’s worth of experience fading into NYC’s background of semi-dispossessed, easily-ignored people, and uses that to go where he pleases from night to night.
“I have three simple rules: respect the Traditions, don’t make me get involved, and don’t feed on anyone who works down here – they make the Undercity work, so don’t fuck it up for the rest of us.”

Zach Runner
Player: Rebecca Way
Mekhet, Unaligned, Acknowledged in Charity’s domain
City Status 2, Clan Status 2
Zach, 16 years old in appearance and over a hundred in actuality, is a little bit new to NYC, having shown up less than two decades ago, but a few things are already obvious about him: he’s optimistic, he’s parkour-savvy, and he lives with a sort of scatterbrained, half-thought-out, live-to-the-fullest attitude. He values good times, good friends, and good memories, and is often happy to hang out with his fellow kindred or lend a hand in their endeavors (especially if those endeavors involve a situation where he can show off how awesome parkour is)!

The Primogen Council:
Thibault Duchamp (Mekhet, Invictus, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain)
Robert Asher (Ventrue, Invictus, Acknowledged in Charity’s Domain)
Rhetta Howell (Gangrel, Lancea Sanctum, Acknowledged in Charity’s Domain)
Simon Bicchieri (Daeva, Ordo Dracul, Acknowledged in the First’s Domain)
Firuz (Gangrel, Unaligned, Tri-borough Citizenship)
Vendula Rohan (Mekhet, Circle of the Crone, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain)

The Prisci Council:
Rowland Piers (Nosferatu, Unaligned, Acknowledged in the First’s Domain)
Bethany Medina (Daeva, Invictus, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain)
Nina Vitalia Van Buren (Ventrue, Lancea Sanctum, Acknowledged in Charity’s Domain)
Telesphore Gael (Mekhet, Circle of the Crone, Acknowledged in Charity’s Domain)
Thurston Scordato (Gangrel, Unaligned, Acknowledged in Jun’s Domain)

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