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Welcome to Dead City Productions. We are a group of Northwestern students, alumni and guests who participate in live-action roleplaying roughly every other week. LARPing, as we like to call it, is ideal for people who consider themselves “gamers” (you know who you are), as well as actors who enjoy the more improvisational side of acting.

Feel free to take a look around, but note that the Mainstage Chronicle information will only be made available as the ’12-’13 Storyteller team releases it, so there may be missing pages. In the meantime, if you have any questions related to the Mainstage Chronicle, please send an email to the ST team, or to the Executive Board if the question is about DCP as a group.

2 thoughts on “About DCP”

  1. My name is David and I am a recent grad student at Medill here at Northwestern. (started this winter quarter)
    I am very interested in joining and hearing more about DCP. I am looking to get involved and more importantly improvise.
    I have been doing improv in New York and I was looking to get involved here.
    Please let me know how I can get involved and who I can speak with.


  2. Well this late reply is certainly what we get for not setting up email alerts on these comments!

    Hello there, David! If, all these months later, you’re still interested, now is the perfect time to get involved as (unlike back in January), we’re now starting with a new yearly chron.

    The best people to contact are myself (President) and the rest of Exec Board at exec@deadcityproductions.com, or the people — that is, Storytellers — who are in charge of specifically running the game this coming school year: storytellers@deadcityproductions.com.

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