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Hello Deadcitizens!

The website has been updated with the rules. We highly recommend that even those who feel they are already familiar with the rules should still read the entire website, as many things have changed drastically from previous years’ chronicles.

Full Pitches are due September 9th, and must follow the character creation guidelines on the website. For a Vampire character, please go to the Vampire Rules. For all other characters, please go to their specific rules on the site. Failure to follow our pitch guidelines, such as submitting your character late without talking to us or having not sent in a mini-pitch before your full pitch, will result in your character starting with less things off their wish list than other characters.

The Character System is still in the process of being updated, and you should not use the old Character System. While we hoped to have it running for you guys to make characters with by this point, it is still taking some time. All characters will still need to be submitted through this Character System, and we will alert everyone when it is active.

If you have any questions on the rules, or anything about the setting, we will be releasing a FAQ. Send us these questions by August 30th, and we will include them on the FAQ. It will be sent out shortly after that (and before Full Pitches are due on the 9th).

Team Next Generation

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