Dev Diary #4: People to See and Places to Go

Las Vegas can be said to be a city of cities. The city of Vegas itself is a thriving metropolis, but when most people say “Las Vegas” they think of the glitz and glamour that is present in its surrounding unincorporated areas. “Census-designated places” is the official term for these locations, which includes “Paradise” that the Las Vegas Strip calls home. Aside from the central hub of the Las Vegas Valley itself, the majority of Clark County is desert.

Las Vegas has been built this way because of big business and the time honored tradition of tax evasion. While the desert town first started as a stop on the Union Pacific Railroad and a settlement of Mormons, the legalization of Nevada’s gambling in 1931 was a pivotal page. This is what lead to the casinos escaping paying taxes to the mayor of Las Vegas, by building in unincorporated areas. This is what lead to their supreme financial power “persuading” Clark county into it’s current system of “census-designated places.”

This mess of tax havens, designated nature preserves, military bases, and Native American reservations make for a tangled county government. The seat of the mortal government is in Vegas proper and the council of seven county commissioners meets in town at the Clark County Commission. Their staggered election cycle and the nature of politics makes them willing pawns for the Kindred or criminal elements of the area, with none of them really making waves.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department provides law-keeping services to the entirety of Clark county. Overseeing the LVMPD is an elected Sheriff, a man by the name of Rojas Relampago. No Kindred has explicitly come out to the Vampiric public as controlling him, with most everyone in town giving the disgruntled lawman a wide berth. In many parts of Vegas, private security firms make up for the stretched nature of the police. Most of these security firms are just nicely dressed goons for the Abramovich, Orisini, or de la Cruz and provide the “protection” that their organizations offer to the public.

The vampiric history of the area is a bit more complicated than the mortal one. When Darius Cole arrived, he immediately realized the potential of the area. Raising the flag for the Invictus, he loudly proclaimed a challenge to any who would hear him. The only vampires in the area at the time were few and far between, but Cole’s call echoed into the chambers of the Invictus and Lancea et Sanctum throughout the country and enterprising Kindred came at his call. When the local Kindred, led by Madrugar the Snake opposed his newly declared Kingdom, a war broke out. Called “Cole’s Glorious Conquest” by his most ardent supporters, this war was fought on almost strict lines of Invictus and Lancea et Sanctum vs. the Circle of the Crone and the Ordo Dracul. Fighting was forbidden on both sides within civilized confines, and relegated to skirmishes out in the desert. The local Defiant fought to continue their dominance over the Nuclear Testing in the area, but the Sworn of the Axe suffered a crushing defeat when it seemed their Crone allies were unable to come to their aid. This lead to large remains of the covenant scrambling to Cole’s side, leaving Madrugar the Snake and her mostly Crone supporters to lick their wounds outside city limits to this day. With the Snake’s recently publicized final death, King Cole has been in his best mood of recent memory.


Below is a brief statement on how each covenant now exists in the setting of Las Vegas…

Invictus – The Invictus have been dominant in Las Vegas for a long time. Clark County has created an Invictus paradise, where the dollar is the only real friend you need to get ahead. Some would say they have grown complacent in their rule, but they would prefer to term it stable. Why mess with a good thing?

Lance et Sanctum- The Judges have done well for themselves. What they lack in ambition and membership, they more than make up for in power and wealth. Many both within and without the covenant have intimated that the Bishop acts more as a lapdog than a true leader of the covenant, but such rumours are discouraged by the King.

Circle of the Crone – The Mother’s Army were the original settlers of Las Vegas and her surrounding areas, but their many losses to King Cole have greatly decreased their power. They are fractured, with many trading in their loyalty to the Psuho’wurv for amnesty in King Cole’s dominion.

Ordo Dracul – Arguably the D suffered the greatest in their war with King Cole, having lost their control over the neighboring military facilities, but the covenant has gone out of its way to ensure its own place among the city of Las Vegas. Members of the Ordo Dracul have even found their way into Cole’s privy council – proof positive that even old rivalries can be forgiven.

Carthians – The Carthians’ place in Las Vegas is as firm and stable as it is anywhere, beneath the bootheels of the Invictus. They did not involve themselves with Cole’s Conquest, and have mostly focused on grabbing what little power they can. Many of the more contentious firebrands have not found much favor in King Cole’s court. They are more likely to be found on the outskirts, helping those who would oppose him.



We welcome player locations, and have developed a framework for submitting player locations below. This framework is mandatory. Please submit your pitches for player locations before August 1st, so that we can have adequate time to approve of the locations, and effectively make other players aware of them and tie them into the setting.

Please remember that if you want to be involved with the city Government, please submit your ideas to the storytellers before July 3rd.

So that you are aware of deadlines: Minipitches and formal pitches will have frameworks that are released in a forthcoming dev diary, along with the full rules of the game. We will be using a version of Vampire the Requiem 2nd Edition, modified to fit a LARP setting.


Framework for Player Locations:

Subject line of Email: [DCP][Locations] – Name of Player – Name of Location

Name of Location:


Description: One to two paragraph description of the location, including how the owner uses it, its feel, and its place in Kindred and/or mortal society.


Special Features: Any particularly important or interesting features of the place. Please organize this in a list format.


Example Location:


[DCP][Locations] – NPC – The Dollhouse

Name of Location: The Dollhouse

Owner: Sebastian LaCroix


Nestled at the end of a dark alley lined with abandoned buildings near the airport lies a red door that leads to a land of fantasy and temptation. A team of ghouled footmen awaits at the door to restrict access to vampires. Down the spiral staircase lies a parlor filled with pliant mortals and sumptuous couches lit by the soft light of silver chandeliers. The staff here is prepared to cater to every taste and need, as no effort is spared in curating the finest collection of blood dolls. With a gentle touch or word, the glassy-eyed dolls follow the client to a private room beyond the preying eyes of their peers. The only rule here is to not kill or permanently maim the vessels with their play, unless the client is willing to submit to Sebastian’s wishes for the inconvenience of replacement.

Special Features:

  • Lots of people to eat
  • “No” risk feeding
  • Confidentiality
  • Manned ghoul security galore



Example Location:

[DCP][Locations] – NPC – The Labyrinth

Name of Location: The Garden Casino, affectionately known as The Labyrinth

Owner: Don Nero Orsini

Description: The Garden Casino is a towering monument to the grandiosity of Las Vegas. A shining column of lights and copious indoor gardens reminiscent of Victorian wealth. The main floor has everything you have come to know and love about the casinos of Vegas, but the main attraction are the private lounges. Opulence knows no bounds behind the golden curtains of Nero Orsini’s most extravagant offerings. Many of the private lounges connect only to other private lounges, lending to the name – the Labyrinth.

Special Features:

  • Lots of secluded, private nooks
  • Lots of plants
  • The wealthiest of the wealthy are frequent clients
  • A little something extra in the usual perfumes pumped into the air, for that maze-like consistency


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