Dev Diary #2: All the King’s Men

The Invictus led by King Cole are the dominant political and economic force in the city. The members of House Cole are a bold lot, with none so bold as the Royal Bastard, the King’s favored childe. The motto of this House is “Only God can judge us,” and its members embody this motto in their pursuit of power. Church and State are unified in purpose, as the Lancea Sanctum have thrown in their lot with the Invictus to monopolize power. The rest of the covenants wield too little power individually to stand up against this powerhouse, but that does not stop constant assassination attempts against the King that have only become bolder as time has gone on.

Besides the hunter threat, the Psuho’wurv are the chief opposition to the Kingdom. Derogatorily called the Sand Snakes, they are comprised mostly of Gangrel and Mekhet. Their vitae has become mixed and warped during their exile, some say through the influence of nuclear testing. Their founder, Madrugar the Snake, sired many childer in the shifting sands of the Nevada Testing Site before her demise and they have taken up her crusade to oppose the King and his rule. The Psuho’wurv lurk on the edges of the city–well out of sight of the Eye–and peck at the King’s holdings, hoping to one day overthrow his government and return Las Vegas to an ideal long since lost to time.

The King has reforged the city government to suit his interests and it works differently from other domains. The King does not recognize a Priscus or Primogen council in his domain and the only council that he sees comes from a collection of advisors and officials that he hands off small matters to. The members of thePrivy Council include:

The Seneschal executes the King’s power when the King cannot be bothered, and is often tasked with running the day to day activities in Kindred society. Indeed, the Seneschal often executes so much of the King’s power in the day to day rule of the Kingdom, that many Kindred refer to them as the Hand. Of course, no one would ever communicate this to either of them – the King would be incensed and a good Seneschal would never offend their King.

Royal Harpy
The King’s Harpy enjoys a special privilege of both speaking on behalf of the King, and exercising his position as diplomat to other powers in the region. When the Harpy speaks, they do so with the King’s Voice – a title that many are eager to use. The Harpy also plays the Game of Status, a ruthless competition of kill or be killed in the salons of the Damned.

The King demands the obedience of his subjects, and the Sheriff obliges by bringing the King’s Justice to every reach of the Kingdom. There is no corner of thecity that exists outside the Sheriff’s gaze, and their army of secret police are rumored to be ever watchful for signs of dissent. The Sheriff’s gaze is so wide that polite society has awarded the moniker of the King’s Eye.

The Hound
The Hounds are enforcers – not unlike the Mafia’s enforcers within the mortal-owned Casinos. When the King demands obedience, the Hounds ensure his demands are met. Any who oppose his commands and run afoul of the Hounds find themselves meeting their makers considerably earlier than they expected. Hounds do not often speak much in the King’s Council, but do form a powerful and mercenary voting bloc.

These are just the standard positions on the Privy Council. High ranking members of covenants can and do sit on it at times, at the King’s whim of course. PCs should feel free to pitch any of these positions.

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