DCP Mainstage 2015: Vice City

A vast, pulsating sprawl of casinos and distilled Americana. A shining, glittering example of all the excess and triumphs of man. An ode to hubris. Paradise, and paradise lost. Las Vegas is all these things and more. Fully and wholly artificial – a gleaming urban oasis sprung up out of the desert overnight. Las Vegas is a city of vice and a city of opportunity. Unnatural in every sense of the word, it nevertheless evokes very real desires. It is an oasis in a vast, empty desert filled to the bursting point with drugs, sex, glitterati, conmen, and mafiosi. No wonder vampires feel so at home…

Contrast is the beating heart of Las Vegas. A place where tourists go to empty their wallets and indulge in their vices, and where desperate people go to bet all they have left on black. The smoke-filled parlors and blood-splattered hotel rooms have allowed a different kind of Kindred to flourish. Those who indulge in gratuitous excess have found themselves a home among the flashing lights and bodies buried beneath the desert sand. There is little to reign in the appetites of these Kindred, as Las Vegas is a young and reckless city free of the weight of entrenched Elders. It has attracted both new and old blood, filled with desires that can only be met in a city dedicated to plumbing the depths of debauchery.

But what lurks behind the gold curtains and flashing lights, in the dance halls where ecstatic revelers test the boundaries of pleasure and pain? What lingers beyond the edge of propriety, when any desire can be instantly sated? In the long shadows of Las Vegas, what monsters lurk in the depths of man’s soul?

When creating characters for Las Vegas: Vice City players need to keep a few things in mind. The first is that the city of Las Vegas is very young; it has only been a large city since the 1950’s. Thus all of the Kindred present have either been embraced in Vegas since the 50’s, or came here from elsewhere. The influx of new residents, the growth of the gaming and entertainment industries, and the peculiar essence of the city have attracted a number of strange bloodlines to make Vegas their home.


The Court of Las Vegas is ruled over by no mere Prince, but a tyrannical King who seeks confident and capable officers to execute his laws. Pitches for city positions are highly encouraged, especially from those possessed of strong appetites or ruthless ambition. There are a number of Kindred who have risen in rank after the mysterious ‘disappearance’ of their immediate superior.


The world is a strange and mysterious place filled with hidden places and strange creatures that not even the finest scholars of the Ordo Dracul have completely catalogued. Players are allowed to pitch non vampiric characters, but only a small number of pitches that integrate into our metaplot will be accepted.


This chronicle is focused on the players, and as such the setting information will be updated based on your needs and desires. Player run organizations and locations will feature prominently in the setting and we will release a series of Dev Diaries going forward to fully flesh out the setting that we collectively imagine. As you develop your character please keep us included in the conversation. Our email is storytellers@deadcityproductions.com.



-Team Next Generation

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