Dev Diary #3: The Movers and Shakers

Below are a few of the powerful Kindred and mortals who hold sway throughout Las Vegas. Players are encouraged to pitch characters with ties and rivalries with any/all of these people.

The King (Ventrue)

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”

The only thing larger than King Darius Cole himself is his ego. You might call Him prideful, but pride implies other people have opinions. The King has ruthlessly orchestrated His rise to power, leaving a trail of broken lives in His wake. He rules over Las Vegas with an iron fist – all must bow before Him, and all must swear fealty to Him personally. He is capricious and cruel, often changing His mind about previous laws and rulings. You would think someone would have risen up against Him, but His cronies benefit immeasurably from His rule and will do anything to protect their lord. His enemies are left only to sup on a banquet of tears and ash.


The Bishop (Nosferatu)

“The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate. God made them high and lowly, and ordered their estate.”

Bishop Giacomo Borgia of the Lancea et Sanctum sits snugly in the palm of the old King. He has long since delegated his duties as the leader of the Judges to his priests, preferring to laze about in splendor alongside his King. On the rare nights that he is seen leading Midnight Mass, the Bishop cuts an old and wizened figure as he advances through rows of empty pews. His sermons castigate the Damned for failing to attend to God, or the King’s, will. Some say this is a show at piety, that he has grown complacent in his ways trading the moral authority of the Church for the temporal power of the state but those voices are soon silenced, either by a stern word or the first rays of dawn. They have been returning quicker and quicker.


The Groom (Daeva)

“There is no pleasure without pain, and no meaning without pleasure.”

Sebastian LaCroix is the proprietor of the Doll House, Las Vegas’ premier blood den. Visitors are welcome to enter and sample his fine wares. For the discerning Kindred palate, there await vessels of every shape and size. LaCroix ensures that they appear willing. Tonight’s special is a young vegan fresh home from college. She has been fattened up on grapes this past week. A tear wells up in her eye as a silent ghoul forces another grape down her throat, sweetening her blood to perfection. Behind her is a gaunt man shooting something into his veins to chase his next high. The stress hormones released by an overdose are simply delectable. The unending flow of travelers seeking to make their fortune in Las Vegas means that LaCroix has something to slake any thirst.


Ana Abramovich (Human)

“I don’t leave orphans.”

Some gangsters rise to the top through shrewd cunning and patient scheming, others through charisma and a commanding personality. But Ana Abramovich gained a foothold in Las Vegas through sheer force. Ruthless and deadly, she cuts through all obstacles in the most direct way possible. Under Ana’s newly established rule, the Abramovich family has established itself as Las Vegas’s go-to for contract killing, arms-dealing, human trafficking, and body disposal. The Abramovich family also provides security services for the discerning entrepreneur whose business assets require particularly sensitive protection. Her enforcers make regular check ups, patrolling the streets and thrashing trouble makers. Those who are late to pay or who cause problems do not last long on those harsh streets.


Don Nero Orsini (Human)

“There is no temple so sacred that money cannot profane, no fortress so unassailable that money cannot take by storm.”

Nero Orsini is well known among the criminal element of Las Vegas. While others entertained themselves with drug running, human trafficking, and violence, he knew that the real power was in finance. Nero “owns” most of the casinos in Las Vegas – at least, the high end ones. The aging Don can be found in VIP areas, wearing a fine Italian suit, entertaining high rollers and Wall Street Bankers at the baccarat tables. It serves his interests that many of his clients end up in compromising positions. But of course, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – at least, for a price.


Felix de la Cruz (Human)

“You can never have too much of a good thing.”

Felix, or Fifi as he is affectionately referred to, is head of the de la Cruz Cartel in Las Vegas. Tall, dark, handsome, and extremely charismatic, he cuts a sharp figure in his exquisitely tailored suits. He sees Las Vegas as a city for those with big dreams, boundless appetite, and deep pockets and has transformed his organization to take the biggest slice of the pie. The cartel specializes in the traditional vices and then some–whatever you want can be supplied in abundance. Be it drugs, prostitutes, liquor, children, or blood sports, everything can be provided for the right price… with complete discretion of course.


The Mortal Sheriff (Human)

“I am the law. You may not respect me but you will respect the law, and I am the law.”

Sheriff Rojas Relampago has spent the better part of his tenure as Sheriff bitter about how little power he has over the matters of the county he was elected to protect. He knows full well that the criminal underworld is truly in charge. He walks the streets, jealous over the power that the mafia flaunts in his face and straining at his inability to bring them to justice. The Sheriff seeks ways around the leash that corrupt politicians have placed him under, knowing full well he has to limit himself to the rules of the law, unable to truly protect the town. If he had his way he would get some of those new toys that the cops in Reno have (armored personnel carriers, bayonets, and drones) and show the criminal underworld who the real power in Vegas is.


If you wish to pitch a character in a position of high esteem in the city of Las Vegas, such as those detailed in the previous Dev Diary, you must send an email to saying which position and write a general sketch of the character you want to pitch to us for that position by July 3, 2015.

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