Sticky: Reminders and Important Notes for Mainstage LARP

  • Check out the “2013-2014: Los Angeles” tag to see all the dev diaries released to the listserv over the summer.
  • Please contact the storytellers with any questions or concerns:  storytellers [at] deadcityproductions [dot] com

For new players: 

The two weeks before the start of the chronicle are focused on helping newbies create characters and get ready for Game 1. On October 6th, there will be a special newbie character creation session.  In this session, newbies are encouraged to meet with the STs to develop their character.  If, however, newbies would like to start before then, then you are encouraged to email us directly.  We will teach you the rules and help you develop your character in a timeframe that is reasonable for you.  In either case, you are not subject to the deadlines imposed upon returning players.


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