Mini-Pitch Guidelines

Greetings deadcitizens!

(Disclaimer: If this is your first year in DCP, this email does not apply to you. Feel free to read it and if you have character ideas, we encourage you to be in contact with us. Newbie characters are not due until sometime at the beginning of October.)

First things first: mini pitches are due WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14TH AT 11:59PM.

The purpose of your mini pitch is to inform the ST team about the general concept of your character and tell us the most important things about them. We use the mini pitches to weave your characters together and to create a setting molded to them. Your mini pitch is also a tool to help you develop concrete ideas about your character well before your full pitch.

If something isn’t absolutely essential to your character concept, don’t include it in your mini pitch. We’re happy to learn the middle name of her sire or what her favorite hot dog topping is, but the mini pitch isn’t the place.

Your mini pitch is a summary of your character concept and only a rough draft. We won’t hold you to your mini pitch and will completely understand if your character changes a bit before your final pitch. If you do change your concept significantly from your mini pitch, please let us know as soon as you’re considering it. We don’t want to be working on the perfect setup for a circus ringleader, only to learn in your full pitch that she’s actually a pop star now.

Lots of you have already emailed us character concepts, which is great! We still need everyone to send a formal mini pitch, though. If you don’t have a character concept and/or don’t know how to proceed, that’s okay, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you out.

Our due date is strict. If you do not turn in a mini-pitch by the due date, you will lose two (2) of your freebie points at character creation. Of course, we’ll still (reluctantly) accept your mini pitch after that date, but you will at most have only 8 (instead of the usual 10) freebie points to spend at character creation. There will be a similar penalty of three (3) freebie points for turning in your full pitch late.

Below are the requirements for your mini pitches. Please note that these will be rather different from mini pitches in prior years.

– Please submit your mini pitch in the body of an email. We will not accept documents attached to an email or Google docs shared with us.
– Word count: 100-350 words. If you go above or below this range, we will require you to resubmit.
– Final pitches will be due on Wednesday, September 11th. We will send an email with more information about final pitches in the next few weeks.
– Subject of email format: [DCP] – Mini Pitch – Player Name


– Name of character
– Clan
– Covenant
– A subtitle for your character (a few words long)
– 1-2 paragraph summary of character
– Why do you want to play this character?
– What will you enjoy about playing this character?

– Who is the antagonist for your character’s story? (man vs himself, man vs time, man vs nature, man vs fate, man vs society, man vs man)
– Why does your character get up every night?
– What would your character miss most if the world were to end?
– Why does your character love LA? Why do they hate it?
– What do they love about being a vampire? What do they hate about it?

Below is just one example of a mini pitch that we think is adequate. The next post contains five more sample mini pitches for your perusal.

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Name: Betty Johnson
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Subtitle: Lustful 50s Housewife

When Betty’s husband mysteriously vanished in the 1950s, she was distraught. How could she live without a man to take care of her? She was quickly discovered by a local Daeva who, unsurprisingly, screwed her, embraced her, and abandoned her. Since then, Betty has slept her way around Anchorage, looking for a husband to have adorable eternal children with.
Unsurprisingly, Betty has a serious fear of abandonment and an inferiority complex. She does everything an ideal housewife does (baking, knitting, cleaning, ironing) but still feels that she might never be good enough for a man to ever love her again.

Required questions: I’m interested in playing Betty because she’s simple and relatively easy-going. She’s the sort of person that everyone likes, so she should get along with other PCs well. I’ll enjoy playing a (mostly) normal, happy vampire, which is different from my normal character types.

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