Sample Mini pitches

Name: Betty Johnson
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Subtitle: Lustful 50s Housewife

When Betty’s husband mysteriously vanished in the 1950s, she was distraught. How could she live without a man to take care of her? She was quickly discovered by a local Daeva who, unsurprisingly, screwed her, embraced her, and abandoned her. Since then, Betty has slept her way around Anchorage, looking for a husband to have adorable eternal children with.
Unsurprisingly, Betty has a serious fear of abandonment and an inferiority complex. She does everything an ideal housewife does (baking, knitting, cleaning, ironing) but still feels that she might never be good enough for a man to ever love her again.

Required questions: I’m interested in playing Betty because she’s simple and relatively easy-going. She’s the sort of person that everyone likes, so she should get along with other PCs well. I’ll enjoy playing a (mostly) normal, happy vampire, which is different from my normal character types.


Name: Brendan McGuire

Clan: Gangrel

Covenant: Carthian

Subtitle: King among runaways….

When people think of vampires, they often think of the refined and genteel creature often featured in film. They don’t think of people like Brendan — in fact, most people don’t think of Brendan when they see him. Before and after the embrace, Brendan was… is… a street kid. A stick thin shadow of a boy in ragged clothing, Brendan is one of the invisible homeless of the streets of Perth. And to a large point, especially after the embrace, Brendan chooses this life.

Having grown up in an abusive home, Brendan has always made his own family and his sudden embrace only strengthened that resolve with the ability to protect that family. Brendan is known as the Runaway King and has taken it on himself to be the protector of the streets of Perth — It’s only fitting as it was the streets that took him in after everyone else tossed him out.

Brendan’s only treasured possession is a picture he keeps of his twin brother — it’s a reminder of both the only family he cared about and the harsh reality of the street life they lived. He doesn’t relish the undead life, but it gives him the tools he needs to protect the people who need protection the most. He’s known as the Runaway King, and he’s got a friend on every street corner and an eye on every alley.

Meta: I love playing a challenge with a character – something that forces me to try something new, to take a new perspective. Brendan is a new vampire and very close to his humanity still – his morals and goals are, at their heart, human. I want to explore that struggle — how much is he willing to sacrifice for his goals? How can he keep his morals surrounded by amoral monsters? Can he keep to his idealism?


Name: Eli ____ (last name pending)

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: Carthian or Invictus

Subtitle: Schizophrenic Deputy

Eli Virga is a vampire newly involved in public service as a deputy specializing in investigation and information gathering. He’s looking to make his mark on vampiric society and is eager to prove himself. Unbeknownst to him, he also suffers from a case of paranoid schizophrenia. As the story progresses and he establishes himself more and more as a competent young deputy, his condition gets worse and worse. It begins to impact his duties of his new position and eventually will endanger his life. He certainly cannot overcome his mental condition alone but perhaps he might develop relationships in the coming year with those who can.

The main antagonist of Eli’s story is himself and his deteriorating mental condition. He seeks to establish a secure place for himself amongst his fellow kindred and strives to survive above all else.

Why do I want to play this character?

I’m interested in playing a character that others will grow to depend on even as he is falling apart. I want to try and establish strong positive relations with other characters such that they want to try and help him.

What will I enjoy about playing this character?

The main payoff of this character would be the unveiling of his condition and seeing and interacting with the decisions other player characters make based on the relations that I’ve built up with them. In the meantime, I like knowing about things that are going on.


Name: Juan Carlos Gomez de Addams

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: Invictus

Subtitle: Richer than God

Gomez is a kind and genial man who easily makes friends and shares his immense wealth freely. One of the big conflicts I would like to explore with this character is between him and his sire. His sire was very abusive when he was a childe, and he was saved from this by a kind elder. I also want him to work for another elder so he can have the conflict of working for two bosses within the Invictus. He spends his nights primarily running errands for his mentors, and hatching schemes to make more money.

If the world ended he would be sad because his mortal wife, Morticia, might die. Gomez and Morticia are deeply in love and he would give the world to keep her safe. Being a vampire complicates this relationship because they cant have kids, or go out during the day like normal couples do. Gomez would love LA because of its thriving business community and media market.

The reason why I want to play this character is a combination of political and personal drama supplemented by access to a few cool super powers. With Auspex and Obfuscate I can always be a fly on the wall gathering info to help out my mentors, or get info to augment my business interests. I haven’t played a scheming vizier before so I want to try my hand at it.


Name: Jack Bergeron

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus

Subtitle: Zealous political leader creatively researching ways to expand his constituency.

Paragraph or two:

Jack Bergeron is an astute creature who will greet any nearby individual with a harsh salutation. He will quickly make a determination if the individual is of substance or would not be worthy of his time. Jack started as an initiate in the Invictus tasked with a bullshit assignment out in the middle of the frozen Tundra, but he’s worked himself up from nothing. No body wastes his time anymore. Jack truly enjoys exerting his control over others in vampire society, taming animals in the wild, and chiefly entering into unholy communion with his willpower to embrace animal minions. Through strict concentration over centuries, he has increased the efficacy of his vitae to allow the passage of disciplines onto embraced animals and intents to create and army with which to attack human society as the ultimate champion and predator.

Required question: Why do you want to play this character?

It will be a challenge to roleplay such a megalomaniac personality and maintain composure in all situations. It will provide a sense of accomplishment to work towards and achieve a long term character coal over the chronicle such as building up blood potency and researching the possibility of fathering an animal bloodline.

What will you enjoy about playing this character?

I will enjoy being a superior predator who strikes fear into the beasts of other players and exploiting this to bend them to my will. I will enjoy having unique goals that have been little explored in this setting/DCP before.


Name: Otto

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: Carthian

Subtitle: Overenthusiastic overcurious journalist wannabe.

Summary: Despite his enthusiasm for seeking “the Truth” for his news stories, Otto remains incredibly optimistic and naïve in his world views. Since vampirism freed him from the usual requirements of a day job’s wages and the need to be “less creepy and stalker-ish”, he has enjoyed wandering the streets with his camera and notepad, taking photos and notes of whatever he considers to be the next big scoop. It is entirely possible that all his ideas of what a journalist should be or do are from movies and his imagination, but it hasn’t stopped him from following his dreams. He wakes up every night wondering what his next big story will be, and racing out to gather clues and topics–often running into the problem that no one likes a nosy reporter in their business. He loves the commotion, lights, and movie-esque feel of L.A., and feels that no other city would be quite as interesting or have quite the same variety of people. If the world were about to end, Otto would be the one standing there with a camera and brainstorming headlines for the apocalypse.

Required Question: I want to play this character because he will almost always have a reason to participate somewhere. Being involved is the most important thing to me, and a character interested in investigating problems or searching out stories will almost always have a way to sneak in somewhere.

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