Dev Diary 3: Dev Another Day

Hello Dead Citizens!

Still digesting our last dev diary?  Don’t worry!  We bring you a dev diary this week that is on the lighter side of content.  As we have mentioned previously, we will be sending dev diaries every two weeks throughout the summer.  The following is our planned schedule of topics for your perusal.  We encourage you to send us any questions you may have that you would like to see answered in these diaries.  We’ve gotten a few so far and have been impressed with the thoughtfulness of your queries.

  1. May 5 – The Plague, Initial Character Ideas

  2. May 17-19 – The Princes, The Political History, The Bureaucracy

  3. June 2 – Metadiary (THIS ONE!!!)

  4. June 16 – Los Angeles: City of Angels?

  5. June 30 – Locations and Major NPCs

  6. July 14 – Recent Worldwide Politics and the United Domains

  7. July 28 – Miscellaneous Questions Answered

  8. August 11 – Character Pitch Guidelines and Game Mechanics


A reminder: if you have any thoughts or ideas about your character for next year, please share them with the ST team.  We’re not looking for anything formal; we just want to open a dialog.  Below is an example:

“My character, Betty, is a 50s housewife who still lives in the past a bit.  She’s a Daeva who wants to be loved by everyone and is seeking a kindred husband.  She’s a member of the Lancea, but only because she was a good Catholic girl in her mortal life.  She was embraced roughly 50 years ago and has lived in Anchorage her entire life and unlife.  I was thinking that she might have a neighbor who is a dumb nurse who supplies her with blood who’s her best friend.  I’m thinking she’s also a bit sexist (against women) and isn’t always very confident in herself.”

If you don’t have any ideas yet, don’t worry!  You have all summer and mini-pitches won’t be due until sometime in August.  If you have ideas and haven’t emailed us (you know who you are), please do so soon so we can begin weaving your character into our developing world.

The following is the current count of clan and covenant pitches we have so far received via email.  Please note that the balance among clans and covenants is very likely to change as we hear about more characters.


Daeva – 6

Mekhet – 2

Gangrel – 0

Ventrue – 1

Nosferatu – 1



Invictus – 2

Carthians – 3

Circle of the Crone – 1

Lancea Sanctum – 0

Ordo Dracul – 7

Unaligned – 0

VII – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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