Dev Diary 2b: Dev Harder – Don’t Wait Until You Are Thirsty

Greetings again my dead comrades.

Pursuant to yesterday’s announcement, this communication follows as another installment in a most voluminous body of information regarding the political organization and history of Los Angeles.  Below, please find a chronicle of events detailing the genesis and advancement of the uniquely industrious structure of kindred government in Los Angeles.  We encourage you to couple these milestones with other occurrences of record in mortal society, weaving them into your backstories as appropriate.

1890 – The LA county area kine population is approximately 100 thousand. Kindred population is approximately 10.

1900 – Oil is discovered in LA. A corruption scandal begins when a whistleblower revealed that Prince Fernando Esteban Oreja de Sevilla, a Nosferatu Invictus, grants domain over the oil fields and their mortals to his allies, shutting out the Carthian Movement from the new growth in the city. The Prince reacts poorly and executes the whistleblower.

1901 – Japanese immigration begins in the region, bringing new kindred to the city of LA

1910 – The LA county area kine population is approximately 420 thousand. Kindred population is approximately 50.

1918 –  Plague devastates the Los Angeles kindred community. Most of the Primogen die within the first three months, and the survivors enter Torpor to attempt to escape its effects, but to no avail. The Prince is ineffective in managing this crisis and two thirds of the kindred community perishes.

1920 – A few neonates desperately try to reach out to other cities to gather more information about the plague and establish broad lines of communication.

1930 – The LA county area kine population is approximately 1.9 million. Due to the plague, the kindred population, once near 200 kindred, drops below 50.

1932 – During the Summer Olympics, a vampire attacks an Olympic team, leaving many witnesses.  The Sheriff, supported by the Prince, blows up their apartment building to eliminate the witnesses and executes a few suspected vampires. The administration fails to perform a thorough investigation and the kindred community is upset.

1933 – Griffith Park Fire. One of the Prince’s ghouls starts a fire that burns down a fifth of the city, killing nearly a dozen kindred.

1934 – Tired of the corruption and incompetence of the current administration, the Carthian Movement gathers enough allies to overthrow the Prince and declare Los Angeles a democratic city. In accordance with their ideals, a cross-covenant convention is organized to set up an election.

1934 – Sterling Engelhart, a Crone Gangrel, is elected to his first term as Prince.

1950 – The LA county area kine population is approximately 3.3 million.  Kindred population is approximately 400.

1954 – Dewey defeats Truman, and Sterling Engelhart wins reelection by a landslide. His doting wife Elizabeth, the High Priestess of the Crone, supports him throughout this campaign and becomes quite a beloved figure.

1955 – Disneyland opens.  The Prince rents the park for a night and everyone has fun.

1964 – The escalation of the Cold War reveals to the kindred that they are losing control of humanity.  A group of concerned kindred de-escalate the Cuban Missile Crisis and determine that this should never happen again. They form the basis of the United Domains and quickly send out envoys to the world’s major cities.

1965 – The U.S Congress abolishes the National Origins Formula, lifting immigration restrictions.  A large wave of immigrants comes to LA from Korea and Central America. New kindred come with these immigrant waves.

1965 – Police brutality against minorities sparks the Watt’s Riots, and a dozen kindred perish in fires around the city. As her husband works to rebuild from the ashes, High Priestess Engelhart takes charge of a task force investigating the cause and perpetrators of the fire. Her work reveals a nest of hunters of kindred, and the city praises her actions.

1967 – LA votes to become part of the United Domains, citing the chaos present in mortal society and the need for stability.

1970 –The LA county area kine population is approximately 6.2 million. Kindred population is around 700.

1974 – As Sterling Engelhart reaches his term limit, Elizabeth Engelhart is elected to Prince, promising to continue most of the policies of her husband. She wins in a landslide. Sterling peacefully transfers power to his wife and takes over leadership of the Circle of the Crone as Hierophant.

1980 – The Prime Elysium, where Court is most often held, is moved to the Museum of Contemporary Art. The local Invictus do not understand how mortals can call that art.

1990 – The LA county area kine population is nearly 9 million. Kindred population is approximately 850.

1992 – The Rodney King riots shake LA. The city is in chaos, and many kindred lose their havens to the flames. As the National Guard is mobilized to contain the violence, feeding becomes difficult. The Prince begins a disaster relief program to re-locate kindred who have lost their havens and provide blood for those in need. Prince Elizabeth is lauded for her leadership.

1994 – Elizabeth Engelhart easily wins re-election.

2010 – The kine population for the LA county area is approximately 12 million. Kindred population is over 1000.

2013 – Bishop Mark Lucas wins the election. His term is set to begin in 2014 [Game 6].  The Engelharts give an interview suggesting they are going to retire and raise a family.


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