Dev Diary 2A: Dev Harder – One Prince, Two Prince, Crone Prince, New Prince

Greetings Dead Citizens!

This week’s Dev Diary is so awesomely large, it can’t fit all in one e-mail! Expect multiple e-mails over the course of the weekend. Today’s blast of information comes with details about one of the decisions you made about chron — namely, the prince! Or in this case, princes! Game begins with a lame duck session for an outgoing prince who’s served her set of terms for a total of 40 years. Before her, her husband, the current Hierophant of the Crone, also served a total of 40 years. The Prince-elect, voted in earlier this year by a narrow margin, will be inaugurated on the night of Game 6. See below for your first sneak peek at some of next year’s NPCs.

Hierophant Sterling Engelhart and Prince Elizabeth Engelhart

“Have a Heart; vote Engelhart”

The Engelharts have been in charge of LA for the last 80 years and 2013 marks the end of their reign. Sterling, elected in 1934, served his two terms of office before his wife’s election in 1974. The pair has been, for the most part, widely popular.

The Circle of the Crone is the only covenant that believe in and promotes marriage between Kindred, and these two are an example of this. Sterling and Elizabeth immigrated early on in LA history — no one’s quite sure what year, and the pair is coy about their own age. What is known is that the couple is a fetching example of a devoted husband and wife. The pair appears to be in their mid to late 40s, with touches of grey just appearing in their hair.

Sterling Engelhart is known as being very professional in his work with the city. He is often seen wearing a suit with a symbolic sash representing his role as Hierophant. Sterling is seen as a gentle leader in contrast to many other leaders of cities. He has a merciful reputation and cares for the city as if it were his own child(e).

Elizabeth is a mature and dignified woman with a warm personality. She is known for her love of modern art and hosts many refined events within the Modern Art museum in LA. She’s held charitable events for many causes from the California Condor Preservation Society to the Urban Farming Organization. She championed the legalization of medical marijuana for mortals and strongly supports the United Domains.


Sterling started many of the policies that Elizabeth then turned into the bureaucratic system that now exists today. Under their watch, LA has also implemented many systems to care for all kindred including a tax system that helps make every kindred make ends meet.

One of their major policy pushes has been the regulation of siring. While embracing is not discouraged, it does require a lot of blood, sweat, and tears — literally in the case of the blood test and figuratively in paperwork for approval. Fitness of the sire in the raising of a childe is of utmost importance, but the lucky few who have gained license to embrace are given public assistance. Illegal childer are not killed, as in some cities. Instead, they are taken in by the city to be raised as wards of the state. Some are fostered by upstanding citizens, but many still receive care through government run communal havens.


Prince-Elect Mark Lucas

“Lucas: Independence and Tradition”

Bishop Lucas has seen LA fall from the traditions that have guided Kindred society and seeks to return to the family morals that have guided vampires through the ages. He has seen the freedom of LA’s kindred taken away and he seeks to return powers to the individual. The city, in his view, has taken things to the extreme and seeks a return to the center. One of his central platforms was the deregulation of the embrace. In his view, it is the right of the individual to raise their childer as they see fit as long as it aligns with the traditions and moral center that kindred society has always provided in the past.
Bishop Lucas looks surprisingly young. Appearing in early to mid 20s, his real age is somewhere approaching 70 or 80. He appeared in LA shortly after the plague and worked to reestablish the Lancea in the city. He quickly rose in the ranks of the decimated city and has been somewhat of a polarizing figure. His policies, such as defunding the blood kitchens, often create bitter divisions in the populace.  In his midnight sermons, he is known for promoting abstinence, both physical and chemical, among the kindred and the kine.

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