ATTN: New Members!

Welcome to DCP!  We have the following activities planned for new members prior to the first game of the Mainstage Chronicle (October 20th):

  • Newbie Game (October 6th, 4:45pm, Parkes Hall)
  • Character Creation Session (October 13th, 1:30-??, Norris Cafeteria)

Newbie Game is a one-shot LARP for those players new to LARPing in general, as well as those new to NWoD Mind’s Eye Theatre.  (If the preceding sentence was Greek to you, that’s fine – we’ll teach you that too.)  Players are introduced to the World of Darkness (a world much like our own, where all those urban legends and scary stories are either true or cover-ups for even more horrific things) as well as to the experience and mechanics of playing a Vampire in such a world.

The Character Creation Session is an informal activity where new players are invited to sit down with the STs and hash out their first character for the Mainstage Chronicle.  New players need only bring their vague character concepts and their imaginations, and the STs will help turn those ideas into a full character pitch.  As with Newbie Game, no prior experience with the rule set is required.  Attendance at the session is not required for new players, but is strongly encouraged.  New Players who cannot make it to the session but wish to have ST assistance in making their character can contact the STs to arrange for a one-on-one session at another time.

Please see prior posts for times and locations for the Mainstage Chronicle.

Note for Returning Players: The STs are more than willing to help returning players with their characters, if we have enough time and/or manpower.  Please be aware, however, that primary purpose of the the October 13th session is to assist the newbies, and as such we must give them the lion’s share of our attention.

If you want to help us acclimate newbies to DCP, the best way is by volunteering to act as an in-character Sire to a new player.  As the newbie’s Sire, you would be responsible for teaching the player how to navigate the labyrinthine politics of V:tR, and for molding their character into a productive member of Chicago’s Kindred community. This will also help shield the newbie from the effects of their mistakes, as per the Tradition of Progeny.If you’re interested in being a Sire, please email the STs, and we’ll match you up with a newbie whose character concept best complements your own.  (Note: Acting as a Newbie’s Sire will not cost you any permanent Willpower.)

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