Fall 2011 Quarter Dates and Other Important Dates

Welcome back, everyone!

First off, the deadline for pitches for city positions is September 22 — only four days away. Furthermore, the deadline for pitches from all returning players is October 1. Please do get your characters in so that we have time to consider your wishlist, not to mention so that we can have the time to devote to newcomers in this particularly challenging setting.

Also! We have game dates for you!

Fall Quarter Schedule

All games will run from 5pm-10pm in their respective locations.

Newbie Game: October 8th, Annenberg Hall (ground floor, G02 out-of-character room)
Character Creation Session (for newbies and last-minute questions): October 15th, Norris ground floor, 12-4pm
Game 1: October 22nd, Parkes Hall 2nd floor
Game 2: November 5th, Parkes Hall 2nd floor
Game 3: November 19th, Parkes Hall 2nd floor

See you all soon!

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