Announcement: Welcome!

Welcome to Dead City Productions! We’ve been Northwestern’s LARP  organization since 1994, and we also do tabletop and board gaming. We welcome not only current students but alumni and friends to our events.

If you are unfamiliar with roleplaying in general or Vampire LARPs in specific, you may want to read our guide to them. LARPing is ideal for people who consider themselves gamers as well as actors who enjoy the more improvisational side of acting.

If you’re interested in our primary LARP offering, the Mainstage Chronicle, there is a menu with setting information at the top of the page. If you create an account and log in, you will see a rules menu next to that. Each chronicle takes place over the course of 10 games spread throughout the school year, with a new setting and new characters each year. New players are welcome at any time. This year’s chronicle is We Built This City on Our Parent’s Bones. If, after reading all of this, you have any more questions—or (hopefully!) any ideas for a character—please send an email to the ST team.

But wait, there’s more!

Besides the yearly “mainstage” LARP, DCP also schedules occasional self-contained one-off LARPs, schedules days for playing tabletop RPGs, and gets together for board games every week. For more information on all of our other programming, please send an email to the Executive Board.

—Team Original Series (2017–2018)

Sticky: Winter Quarter LARP Dates (TENTATIVE)

We can’t reserve rooms yet, but here’s our intended Winter Quarter / Act II game dates:

  • January 20th
  • February 3rd
  • February 24th
  • March 10th

Please plan accordingly. In addition, if you wish to pitch a Mortals Game or Easter Game, you will note that there is a three-week gap after the middle two games, plus March 3rd is available.

Update: We have dropped March 10th from our planning due to conflicts with other events attended by players.

Character Creation help available this week! (10/15)

This whole week, one or more STs will be available to help you build a character and get a grasp on the setting if you want to participate Game 1. Below is a list of where we’ll be by default, but if you’d like to schedule a meeting at another time, go ahead and email us so we can do our best to accommodate.
  • Sunday: None scheduled, but contact us if you want us to be somewhere
  • Monday: at Norris Board Games (7PM)
  • Tuesday through Thursday: at Evanston Games & Cafe (mid-late evening)
  • Friday: Nothing in public, but will respond immediately if emailed
  • Saturday: at Parkes Hall 2nd floor (the game location) ~3PM
  • Anytime: As always, we’ll respond pretty quickly if emailed at

Upcoming Games

The following games are scheduled:

Game 7: March 11th
Game 8: April 8th
Easter Game (egg): April 29th
Game 9: May 6th
Game 10: May 20th

As a quick reminder, we’re planning to have Game 9 be the climax of the chronicle, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Masquerade Drop. Game 10 will be more of an epilogue (taking place a few months after Game 9) to play out some of the long-term consequences of events. Game 10 will also be Secrets Night, where we’ll have a chance to share secrets and motivations, as well as paper plates!

Additionally, dues for this year ($1 per game) must be paid at Game 10. If you are concerned about your ability to pay those dues for whatever reason, just reach out to the ST team and we’re happy to make arrangements for you.

Lastly, if you have any ideas or designs for a T-shirt for this year’s chronicle, please let us know! We’d love to see them!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please send them to us at


~Team Heavenly Superpeople

Winter Quarter Games!

Hey DCPers!

Welcome to 2017! We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday break! As we start winter quarter, we want to give you a reminder of a couple of important dates for the LARP chronicle!

The game dates for winter quarter are as follows:

Game 4: January 14th
Game 5: January 28th
Game 6: February 18th
Game 7: March 11th

Additionally, due to unavailability in Parkes hall, all four of these games will take place in Annenberg Hall! The OOC room will be room G21 (a lecture hall)! Game on will be at 5, so please be ready for pre-game announcements by 4:45, but don’t show up any earlier than 3:30!

We look forward to seeing you again soon! If you have any questions, please email them to

~Team Heavenly Superpeople

Fall Quarter

Hello all!

We’ll have Fall Quarter’s games for the Mainstage Chronicle on the following days:

Game 1: October 29th
Game 2: November 12th
Game 3: December 3rd

If you have any questions about any part of our Mainstage LARP Chronicle for the 16-17 academic year, please send an email to

~The ST team, Team Heavenly Superpeople

Spring Quarter Game Dates

Hello Deadcitizens!
We have dates reserved for the final three games of the Chronicle. For spring quarter, all games will be in the second floor of Parkes Hall, at the corner of Sheridan and Chicago (the usual place).

Like last quarter, Games 8 and 9 will start game at 4:30 PM sharp and end game at 9:30 PM so that we can get out of Parkes Hall by10:00 PM. Game 10 will start earlier and run shorter to make time for Secrets Night. An email with Game 10 specifics will be coming later.

The dates of game will be:

Game 8 – April 23rd
Game 9 – May 14th
Game 10 – May 28th
Your Game 8 XP expenditures and downtimes are due on April 17th. Additionally, if you are interested in having a t-shirt made for this year’s Chron, please submit any ideas for a design or tagline!
Kind regards,
Team Next Generation

Dev Diary #7: FAQ

Here are a few questions we have received on how the rules have functioned. Please know that this is not an exhaustive list of all of the changes and we highly recommend a close reading of all of the rules. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Depending on what we respond to you, we may choose to send your answers out to the game at large.

Vampires seem to have a bit more innate powers. Can they really sense heartbeats across a room?
Yes, that is correct. The innate nature of the vampiric condition has changed a bit this year. Vampires can taste blood for information on its sources, automatically recognize one another without Frenzying, hear heart beats, and even have a regular ordinary reflection. Vampire also cannot be talked down from Frenzy normally, and have a very different Humanity system that is no longer pinned to outdated victorian ideals of morality and mental illness.

How has Combat changed?
Combat has been streamlined. At the beginning of combat, each character should declare their intention for the fight. This allows everybody to adequately tell if combat even needs to go to rounds, or can be arbitrated (possibly with a few general draws).

As far as nitty gritty rules, Defense now adds in your character’s skill in Athletics (but not their specialties). Weapons do not need to be drawn with an action, but instead just penalize your initiative as long as you have them out. Lethal damage is much harder to do to Kindred, and a variety of other small factors. We highly recommend you read those rules.

How does Status work?
Each vampire character is given a block of 7 extra Merit points that can only be spent on improving their Kindred statuses, which all start at 0. They may also spend their other starting Merit dots or XP to purchase more dots of Status. They may also place more Status on their wish list, just like any other item. For non-vampires, please reference their specific character creation rules.

During game, Status will need to be improved by the Harpies/through consensus of your Clan or Covenant mates, depending on the type of status. Those specific rules have yet to be posted, but will be clearly laid out before game begins.

What about Black Market Connections? Or other Merits I am looking for?
There a few merits you might notice are missing from previous years chronicles. Some of these are intentional, some of them are unneeded (like Quick Draw), and others are rolled into other merits. For instance, Black Market Connections could now be represented by having Status (Criminal Underworld), Status (Abramovich Mob), or Contacts (“Import/Export” Specialists). If these is a specific thing you want your character to be able to do, but are unsure as to how to represent it mechanically, please send us an email and we will be glad to help you out.

Obfuscate is kind of confusing. How does it work? Are there really almost no draws?
You are correct that Obfuscate has changed a fair amount. Most powers of Obfuscate do not require a draw to be enacted, and it is on the onus of the observers to break the power. Obfuscate particularly relies on the Clash of Wills system, which is outlined on the main Discipline page of the Vampire Rules. Whenever two Disciplines come into conflict, such as Dominate and Majesty fighting over a victim or Auspex piercing through Obfuscate, both parties involved draw their Discipline dots + Blood Potency.
If you have any questions on how certain Disciplines act during game, do not hesitate to ask the STs. All vampires know how their powers function innately, so new rules should not hamper your abilities as a player.

How much XP am I spending on Merits? What about Style Merits?
For each Merit, you are only spending 1 XP per dot. This means that a 3 dot merit, such as Night Doctor Surgery, would cost 3 XP. A scaling merit, such as Allies, costs 1 XP at 1 dot, and 1 XP each to improve from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and 4 to 5. This includes Style merits such as Firefight or Riding the Wave. The only thing specific about Style merits is that you can only use one specific maneuver per round (unless otherwise stated like Kindred Dueling 3).

What about other kinds of XP? Is it all just a flat cost? Can I buy a fifth level of a Discipline at character creation? Does it cost double points to buy the fifth dot of an attribute or skill at character creation?
Yes, that is correct! The fifth and first dot of a discipline are the same cost of 3 XP, and you do have enough starting Discipline dots and XP to have an entire Discipline, fifth dot and all, at character creation. You also do not need to spend a second of your starting dots to buy the fifth level of a skill or attribute, unlike previous years. Take a look at the XP rules on the website, they are a game changer.

What Cryptids, or kinds of Cryptids, do we know about already as a city? What should we expect when dealing with them?
There are many sorts of cryptids that are out and about in the world. When you think of specific creatures your character may have encountered, don’t only think of the other typical World of Darkness splat types who make up the majority of the “Human-like” category. Think also of more unique things like malevolent building-ghosts and giant monsters sheathed in roiling lightning. Most of the cryptids do not have readily apparent categories or boxes for the vampires to place them in, and seem to often be unique creatures or of fairly small broods. Human-like cryptids are the exception, with organizations and helpful names. The main type of them that the player characters will have interacted with in the past are the Sin-Eaters.

How bad is it to be Unaligned?
Being Unaligned is a thing that some people are fairly enchanted with, but we do not recommend for our chronicle for most Kindred. Remember, being a member of the Unaligned is considered to be being against the integrity of Kindred Society. When pitching an Unaligned character, the Storytellers will have increased scrutiny as to reasons for being covenentless. Ask yourself, why do you wish to be Unaligned? What story am I telling? For reference, it is the rare cases of being a very newly embraced vampire or someone who has recently left a covenant to find a new community that are the most acceptable in our eyes. We recommend for all characters to be in a Covenant if possible.

When making a character using the character system with Vigor or Resilience, should I add in bonus dots equal to my levels in the Discipline?
No, please just state your unmodified levels of Strength and Stamina. While Vigor or Resilience allow your character to have more than 5 total dots in Strength and Stamina, you should still denote the separate “normal” Attribute dots. Just don’t forget to add them in when they come up.

Website Updated

Hello Deadcitizens!

The website has been updated with the rules. We highly recommend that even those who feel they are already familiar with the rules should still read the entire website, as many things have changed drastically from previous years’ chronicles.

Full Pitches are due September 9th, and must follow the character creation guidelines on the website. For a Vampire character, please go to the Vampire Rules. For all other characters, please go to their specific rules on the site. Failure to follow our pitch guidelines, such as submitting your character late without talking to us or having not sent in a mini-pitch before your full pitch, will result in your character starting with less things off their wish list than other characters.

The Character System is still in the process of being updated, and you should not use the old Character System. While we hoped to have it running for you guys to make characters with by this point, it is still taking some time. All characters will still need to be submitted through this Character System, and we will alert everyone when it is active.

If you have any questions on the rules, or anything about the setting, we will be releasing a FAQ. Send us these questions by August 30th, and we will include them on the FAQ. It will be sent out shortly after that (and before Full Pitches are due on the 9th).

Team Next Generation

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